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Nemesis show poster

Nemesis at Theater an der Wien

Dates: (11/14/2016 - 11/29/2016 )


Theater an der Wien

Linke Wienzeile 6
Wien,Wien 1060

Phone: +43 1 58885

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The hospital is a highly dramatic location. Here, the physical and the spiritual meet under the conditions of a workshop - strong contrasts so that extract from the parties, the crudest and Finest. So in the hospital, many of the great ethical battles of the time take place. Doctors have to make under pressure decisions for decades employ philosophy every day: questions about the proper handling of age and social justice, according to the proportion and the boundaries between life and death, the indivisibility of the body, the definition of human life. Big questions,
in the practice of medicine, in the bureaucracy and in everyday life often have little room when doctors and nurses need to find their place in the tension between empathy, professionalism and self-protection.

The three full-length chamber operas broach one hand known topoi of medical ethics - organs, unclear boundary between life and death, mercilessness the hospital everyday life - discover the other hand, at this location the physical and the limits of the Metaphysics.

In HYBRIS a surgeon comes at a liver transplant at the limits of feasibility and fate in the way. NEMESIS follows the fate of the life recalled coma patient who yearns after death. And SOMA plays in everyday life an ambulance between bad and good news.

Each opening night will be preceded by a lecture from the field of medicine and medical ethics.

The siren Opera Theatre, the Vienna opera company to jury Everhartz and Kristine Tornquist, for years not only brings consistently new operas premiered, but lays the possibility value on well-told and current stories. Particular attention paid to cooperation with living in Austria artists.

Cast and Creative team for Nemesis at Theater an der Wien

Conductor François-Pierre Descamps, Jury Everhartz
Director Klaus Rohrmoser
Set & costume design Markus Kuscher
Light design & Stage Edgar Aichinger
Studienleitung Benjamin McQuade, Petra Giacalone
With Rupert Bergmann, Elsa Giannoulidou, Anna Hauf, Ewelina Jurga, Maida Karisik, Richard Klein, Georg Klimbacher, Bernd Lambauer, Johann Leutgeb, Markus Miesenberger, Lisa Rombach, Steven Scheschareg, Nicholas Spanos, John Sweeney
Orchestra ensemble sirene


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