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BWW Reviews: LadyNerd - A Cabaret

I must begin this article first with full disclosure: I am a nerd. I love nerds and believe in the importance of my people. It is not surprising then, that this review of LadyNerd: A Cabaret will be one full of positives and reasons why you must see it and/or become a fan of Keira Daley.  With my bias fully disclosed, I should add that I attended the show with a non-nerd and she loved the show too as did everyone else in the audience. It’s not just for nerds!

Directed by Jay James-Moody and with musical direction by Mark Chamberlain, LadyNerd is Keira Daley's cabaret tribute to some of history's greatest and most pioneering minds, from Marie Curie to Amelia Earhart, via lesser known lady nerds including the woman who invented Liquid Paper: Bette ‘One of the Boys’ Nesmith Graham. Yes, the show features a well-timed 9 to 5 the musical number which, like the musical, was a powerful example of women being amazing at what they do.

According to Daley, a nerd is someone who is obsessed with ideas. With this definition in mind, a quick survey of her audience revealed that whilst most considered themselves nerds, most also had considered the term a negative one. It is this negative perception of being a nerd which both makes a depressing venn diagram of self loathing and, which LadyNerd sets out to correct by celebrating the importance of nerds through the style of cabaret.

Hilarious songs and fact filled stories (with a little bit of artistic license) give life and new twists to the classic female nerd pioneers; Marie Curie and Amelia Earhart as well as introducing several lesser known nerds. Not only was the audience entertained, we were educated!  What more could a nerd ask for?

Daley shows off her incredible vocal talent by nailing an assortment of musical numbers from a nerdy refashioning of the classic, The Lady is a Tramp to a hilarious shout out to one of the nerdiest song writers out there, Jonathan Coulton, with ‘A Laptop Like You’.

With perfect timing, amazing musical talent, obvious charm and a badass tetris tie, Keira is well supported by her talented piano accompanist Mark Chamberlain.

By the time this article is posted, the run of LadyNerd as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival will be over but the career of Keira Daley is not and it’s time everyone became aware of her talents.  Having seen Keira Daley first in Title of the Show and now in LadyNerd, I say with a lot of confidence that Keira Daley is one of the most talented and versatile performers in Australia. Embrace your inner nerd and research her. I’ve even made it easy for you with the links below.

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