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HReview: HAUNTED: A GHOST STORY Shines at SUMMER STOCK AUSTIN AUNTED: A GHOST STORY is an original musical by Allen Robertson and Damon Brown about a twin brother and sister who are left in the woods with a band of young misfits. Only, the brother and sister aren't really twins. And the misfits, while friendly enough at first glance, are concealing a powerful secret about a witch who might make sure one of them never leaves the woods again.

This show weaves together powerful themes, catchy tunes, and rich characters to create a theatrical experience that is refreshing, spooky, fun, and delightful. It is difficult to choose favorites among the talented cast. Sene' Warren (Jasmine) and Evan Vines (Benji) both deliver strong, emotional performances in the leading roles. Katy Shafer (Violet) - brings genuine spirit to a character type that is often one-dimensional. And Brandon Lozano (Brute) perfectly contrasts brutishness with sweetness while lending strong vocals to his performance.

Opening night of the show's world premiere went off without a hitch. Sound cues were right on track, and the lighting made several scenes sufficiently creepy. The set design was creative and allowed plenty of space for fun choreography (by Sara Burke). And the music in this show (by Allen Robertson) was truly remarkable - with songs ranging from upbeat and playful to dark and sinister. The whole experience is sure to make you leave the theatre humming!

Don't miss the world premiere of HAUNTED - performed by Summer Stock Austin. The cast and crew of Summer Stock Austin are comprised of a group of young people from around the country, who collaborate to present three shows during their annual summer season. HAUNTED runs through August 10th at Rollins Studio Theatre. For tickets and showtimes, visit:

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