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Virtual Theatre Today!
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Virtual Theatre Today: Tuesday, May 11- Josh Groban, Jessie Mueller, and More!

Which Broadway stars are streaming today? We've got the list!

Broadway might be dark, but that doesn't mean that theatre isn't happening everywhere! Below, check out where you can get your daily fix of Broadway. Today (May 11) in live streaming: Broadway for Every Breath, Next Year, Some Year is back, the Vineyard Theatre's Spring Gala Series, and more!

*Note: schedule is displayed in Eastern Time

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Virtual Theatre Today: Tuesday, May 11- Josh Groban, Jessie Mueller, and More!

12:00 PM

Virtual Theatre Today: Tuesday, May 11- Josh Groban, Jessie Mueller, and More! COLEMAN '72 - By Charlie Oh, directed by David Ivers, dramaturg: Andy Knight. A Korean American family piles into the Buick for an all-American road-trip: open plains, rickety camper-trailer, kimchi and banchan. But Korean parents and American kids hold conflicting ideas of what they're looking for when the real purpose of their journey comes to light. click here

Virtual Theatre Today: Tuesday, May 11- Josh Groban, Jessie Mueller, and More! City in Transition: The Quadrant Series - Every city has its stories. This innovative on-demand digital production from Theater Alliance weaves together tales from across Washington, DC - sharing histories, experiences, and issues from within the District's four quadrants. Directed by Raymond O. Caldwell and written by Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman, Avery Collins, Shalom Omo-Osagie, and Leslie Scott-Jones, CITY IN TRANSITION provides a dynamic account of our nation's capital from artists who call the city their home. click here

Virtual Theatre Today: Tuesday, May 11- Josh Groban, Jessie Mueller, and More! Next Year, Some Year - "Ben Rimalower's Broken Records" podcast co-hosts, Ben Rimalower and Daniel Nolen, will will broadcast a weekly hour-long livestream video chat show where they will offer their trademark takes on the music and video content they've been enjoying. For followers of the their podcast and previous livestream ("Tuesday, Thursday, April, August") as well as newbies, this will be fun and fast-paced program of fan favorite segments like "All-Beef Patti," "Who Do You Think You Are?" and "Dolly, Concert, Kill" as well as a whole new roster of features and interactive games with the viewers, plus special guest star appearances sure to delight. click here

6:00 PM

Vineyard Theatre 2021 Spring Gala Series- DANNY MEYER and DAVID ROCKWELL - Celebrated restaurateur Danny Meyer and Tony Award winning set designer and architect David Rockwell will team up again to discuss the world of fine dining, storytelling through architecture, and their many collaborations designing interiors for Meyer's flagship restaurants. click here

Philadelphia Chamber Music Society: Susan Graham, mezzo-soprano & Bradley Moore, piano - Susan Graham, "America's favorite mezzo" (Gramophone), returns to PCMS, applying her lustrous voice and exquisite tones to Schumann's Frauenliebe und Leben (A Woman's Love and Life), a beloved eight-song cycle sung from a woman's perspective. Graham and pianist Bradley Moore have designed a program that supplements Schumann's work with songs of similar content from various composers around the world, with eight languages represented overall. click here

7:00 PM

Con Dough: Stories of 1 in 5 Gentrified - CON DOUGH: STORIES OF 1 in 5 GENTRIFIED is a new documentary theater piece that captures the violence gentrification has done to low income communities and communities of color across NYC. It uses a culmination of interviews from residents, students, organizers, and educators that have grown up in the NYC for over a decade as well as project leaders Dena Igusti and Ray Jordan Achan's personal experiences as born and raised New Yorkers that have been traumatized by gentrification. The production highlights the way the constant fear of displacement affects New York identity, and what it means to call a place that neglects your livelihood "home." By bringing community awareness around the issues of gentrification and how it is inextricably linked to racial and class politics, writers Achan and Igusti strive to give marginalized communities a voice and motivate individuals to demand accountability from their elected leaders. click here

SUNDAY CONVERSATIONS A FAMILY GATHERING- BEGINNING AGAIN - Whether you have been following this family on their zoom conference call, or hopping on for the first time, please join us in their episodic dramedy adventure. We will witness a dynamic and complex family navigate their relationships with each other as they face love, loss, and beginning again. Running time approximately 70 minutes. click here

7:30 PM

Nightly Met Opera Streams - Mozart's Don Giovanni Starring Carol Vaness, Karita Mattila, Dawn Upshaw, Jerry Hadley, Samuel Ramey, Ferrucio Furlanetto, and Kurt Moll, conducted by James Levine. Production by Franco Zeffirelli. From April 5, 1990. click here

8:00 PM

Flight Simulator Remote Readings - Flight Recorder Poetry brings you the Flight Simulator Remote Readings, a biweekly digital reading series, only at the Tank. Each reading features a line-up of emerging poets, with art that speaks to where we are, where we're going, and where we've gone wrong. Hosted by Mike Fracentese. Poets to be announced in advance of each show. click here

Broadway for Every Breath- A Virtual Concert - Proceeds to be donated to Give India, a nonprofit providing support of oxygen tanks and other critical needs to fight India's Covid Crisis. With Shoba Narayan, Ben Platt, Jessie Mueller, Ana Vilafañe, Denée Benton, Alex Finke, Ali Ewoldt, Manu Narayan, Erika Henningsen, Joe Carroll, Brittain Ashford, Sam Gravitte, Kennedy Caughell, Nik Walker, Ryan Vasquez, Samantha Massell, Lindsay H. Pearce, Molly Gordon. And a Special Address by Josh Groban. click here

8:30 PM

Gash Theatre Gets Ghosted - Gash Theatre Gets Ghosted is an immersive theatrical film set in an apartment that's been possessed - Poltergeist style - by the ghost of pop cultural masculinities. The GASH gals find themselves stuck, forced to encounter chit-chatting desk lamps, harmonising closet drawers, a TV that plays nothing but rom-coms, a werewolf singing classic rock, and waaaay too many Rick and Morty references. In this macho macho world, they grapple with romance, bisexuality, their fears of men, and how they'll connect with other people once they finally escape. CW: Sexual references, references to sexual violence, and flashing images. 16+. click here

The Poet's Tree - The Poet's Tree, hosted by Old Globe Teaching Artist, spoken word poet, and actor Gill Sotu, is a new program that takes a deep dive into the world of modern poetry and how artists tell compelling stories using only the power of the spoken word. Each week Gill will interview a poet and discuss their poetry style, how it is effective, tools they suggest to help the audience grow in their own work, and inspirations. Get swept away by the power of words and learn how to write your own poetry with weekly prompts! click here

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