VOICE OVER: Elite Eight Become Six with a Shocking Elimination

VOICE OVER: Elite Eight Become Six with a Shocking Elimination

The results show tonight included some great performances, (including special guests: the Muppets) but also some ridiculously nerve-wracking moments, as the audience waited to see who America saved and which two would have to go home. The top eight became the top six, and the coaches, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, CeeLo Green, and Blake Shelton were almost as anxious as the singers themselves, hoping that their teams would not get eliminated.

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The coaches took a few minutes to talk about their teams and essentially tell them that whatever happens, they are still awesome and can continue to have a singing career even if they get eliminated. Christina confidently said of her last remaining contestant, “Nobody even comes close to Dez Duron,” and Coach CeeLo bragged, “Last night, Team CeeLo pulled the roof off this place.” Carson Daly revealed that on iTunes, Melanie’s performance from last night was #1 on the alternative charts, Terry’s was #1 on rock charts, and three of the top eight contestants’ performances were in the top ten songs purchased overall on iTunes between last night and today. So all three of them got their votes multiplied by ten, virtually guaranteeing them a spot in the top six.

Because they were so good together in the Battle Rounds a few weeks ago, Amanda Brown (from Team Adam) and Trevin Hunte (from Team CeeLo) reunited to sing “Marry the Night” together. It was a very awesome performance, bursting with power.

Last night, Adam called Cassadee Pope (Team Blake) and Trevin contenders to win this whole thing, so Carson asked him about that. Adam clarified, “They’re all capable of winning, so it really comes down to how do I coach my team to be the best version of themselves so when they go out and compete in this highly unnatural, bizarre competition they can be their best.” And Carson also asked Christina what would happen if her only one left, Dez Duron, were to be eliminated. “People go on after this show,” she told him, “I’ll continue to support Dez, and I love him. It’s not about the competition between us coaches winning or losing, but about the singers’ journeys.”

With that in mind, Carson revealed the first safe contestant from the night: from Team Blake, Cassadee Pope was saved.

Then some special guests came to perform. CeeLo Green invited everyone who has ever been on his team, in all three seasons, to join him in performing with the Muppets. Then he took the stage with just Kermit the frog, and ironically enough, they sang “It’s Not Easy Being Green,” (*see what they did there*) at the piano. As if his name weren’t enough green for him, CeeLo donned an insane green outfit with sequins all on it and a huge hat with a peacock feather. Words can hardly describe it, so check out the picture here.  

Some of The Voice icons talked about their pre-show rituals as well. CeeLo told this sentiment, “Before I go on stage, I light a candle, close my eyes, and pray for the spirit of Christina to come into me.” Coach Blake said, “Vodka, anything fried, and The Golden Girls.” Melanie Martinez (Team Adam) said she makes sure her bow is in her hair, to which Cassadee commented, “She reminds me of a little present with her bow up there like that.”

The remaining seven lined up on the stage once more to see who would be summoned this time to the land of the saved. Carson gave the hint that it would be someone from Team Adam this time, and then finally announced: Amanda Brown!

Cassadee told Christina Milian about her friendships with the other The Voice contestants, “Terry is an amazing person; we’ve become really good friends, and I also love Melanie! I hope she can stay!”

Terry McDermott (Team Blake), Nicholas David (Team CeeLo), Cody Belew (Team CeeLo), and Melanie sang “Rhythm of Love,” by Plain White Tees as they sat confidently in front of the audience. They blended very well vocally, though Melanie’s voice seemed out of place when she was singing by herself, because the quality of her voice sounded so different from those with whom she was singing. Terry just seemed to be having a blast the entire time.

Earlier this week, the top eight visited Carson Daly at the crack of dawn on his radio show in LA, where they got a chance to see what radio work is like and how to sell themselves in that context without the advantage of being seen. Dez shared that he hopes to someday do radio, so he was very excited to hang out in the studio for the morning.

Cassadee and Dez sang a beautiful, extremely sweet duet of “Hate That I Love You.” It was clear that they enjoyed getting to sing together, and their good friendship was reflected in the raw emotion they showed the audience through this song.

Carson announced that America had saved Nicholas David, leaving only Terry, Trevin, Dez, and Cody left to wonder which two of them had to take the dreaded free plane ride back home. Christina gave a final remark to Dez before finding out his status, “I’ve had a blast with you; I believe in your talent. This show does not define who you are.” Blake told his token Scottish rocker, “You’re a rule breaker; you’re tearing down walls. I have faith sitting here now, but I think America loves a Scottish accent.” It’s true. Considering Americans' fascinations with European accents, particularly Scottish and Irish, it is doubtful that Terry will be eliminated anytime soon. And Blake was very right in his suspicions, because Terry was the next to be proclaimed safe.

So that left Dez, Trevin, and Cody on the stage with chattering teeth, as the last minute of the show seemed to drag on for an eternity. After this tremendous wait, Carson finally announced who was safe: shockingly, it was Trevin, meaning that Cody and Dez were going home. The news that Dez would go home was a serious shock. This is the former Yale jock who sounds like Michael Buble and in looks would fit right in with One Direction. The same one who always entered the stage to profuse applause and desperate screams from the girls in the audience was not saved by America. Considering not only his crowd appeal, but his amazing talent, I have no idea how he got beaten out by Trevin. So this means no win for Christina ever, because she is leaving The Voice after this season. I’m sure groups of middle school girls will be in prolonged mourning over the loss of this guy, but he undoubtedly has a bright future in music despite this set-back.

So three out of the four of Ginge’s Picks were saved tonight, with Dez being the one I incorrectly predicted to stay on through the top five.

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