VIDEO: GREAT COMET Alum Courtney Bassett Releases Music Video For 'Sunbeam' Featuring Familiar Broadway Faces

By: Aug. 25, 2018

Courtney Bassett, seen on Broadway in Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812, has released a music video with her band Starbird & the Phoenix for their song 'Sunbeam.'

The video features Great Comet alum as well as other familiar Broadway faces, including Katrina Yaukey (Great Comet, Billy Elliot, Warhorse, Company, Cabaret), Lauren Zakrin (Great Comet, Rock of Ages, Cruel Intentions,JCS Live), Jason Garrett (Evita, Big Fish), Ani Taj (Great Comet,The Dance Cartel), Courtney Bassett (Great Comet, Bedbugs!!!), Daniel Emond (Great Comet), Colleen McLaughlin (Gentlemen's Guide National Tour), Brandon Taylor.

The video also features Lisa Helmi Johanson, Adante Carter, Aline Mayagoitia, Andrew Swackhamer, Justin Mock (Then She Fell), and more.

Check out the music video!

About the song, Bassett said: This song was written about finding light and joy again after being in a dark place. Through song and video we celebrate life, (self) love, and all the beautiful parts of you that make you unique. Love wins! We live in trying times, and in spite of the suffering happening right here in our country, we can still bring light, love, and hope onto the planet through our art.

Starbird & the Phoenix is the musical mingling of Courtney Bassett (The Great Comet) and ukulele wizard/male rock soprano Andrew Swackhamer. Silver voiced dreamers, these two harmonize in the stratosphere, wail from the soul and shred on the ukulele. They are often joined by friends who pluck and strum, riff and blow their horns with glee as tales of heartache and heart soar become yummy ear candy.