VIDEO: First Look - Brian d'Arcy James Stars in This Week's Manhunt: UNABOMBER on Discovery

This week on Discovery's Manhunt: UNABOMBER, Brian d'Arcy James (Broadway's HAMILTON, SHREK; "Spotlight," "13 Reasons Why") stars as Henry Murray - a Harvard Professor who conducted nefarious experiments on Ted Kaczynski as part of a covert CIA project. As the experiments continue, so does Ted's murderous hatred of scientists and technology. The episode, titled "Ted", premieres Tuesday, August 29 at 10 PM ET/PT on Discovery. Check out a sneak peek below!

In September 1995, Ted Kaczynski wakes up in his simple cabin in Lincoln, Montana, and rides his bike to the local public library. There, he is proud to finally see his Manifesto in print in the Washington Post. One of Ted's only friends, librarian Theresa Oakes, expresses admiration for the ideas in the Manifesto, not knowing that Ted is the author. They are joined by Theresa's son Timmy, whom Ted tutors in math. Ted begins writing a letter to his brother David, narrating a few key events in his life which have led him to this point.

As an eleven-year-old, highly intelligent but awkward Ted is skipped two grades ahead. He manages to make one friend, Doug Volkoff, but an intimate encounter sours their relationship. After Doug's attentions turn to a girl, Ted uses his knowledge of chemistry to cause a small explosion near Doug. His first bomb. Young Ted find himself feared, but alone.

Ted attends Harvard University at age sixteen. He is a math genius, but feels socially isolated until he meets vaunted professor of psychology Henry Murray. They develop a father-son relationship, but Murray is interested in Ted only as a subject in a nefarious experiment he is conducting at the behest of the CIA's Project MKULTRA. Murray first ingratiates himself with Ted, then subjects him to a series of humiliating experiments designed to destroy Ted's psyche. As we see the experiments continue, we come to understand the roots of Ted's murderous hatred of scientists and technology.

Back in 1995, Ted grapples with the betrayals that have defined his past and tries to give up his obsessive bomb-making. Attempting to change his misanthropic ways, Ted agrees to attend Timmy's birthday party. He crafts a handmade thumb-piano as a present; but when he sees Timmy receiving a fancy electronic piano, Ted concludes his efforts at reaching out will be futile and returns to his cabin -- alone with his final bomb.

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