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The Top Ten Things Learned from the 2014 Tony Nominees!

The Top Ten Things Learned from the 2014 Tony Nominees!

We've caught Tony fever here at BroadwayWorld.com, and it's spreading! All day BroadwayWord has been catching up with the 2014 nominees to find out their initial reactions to the news- and some of them shared some real gems. Below we bring you the top ten things that we learned from this year's nominees. Click here for a full list of reactions!

The 2014 Tony Awards, hosted by Hugh Jackman, will be broadcast live from Radio City Music Hall in New York City, on Sunday, June 8th, (8:00 - 11:00 p.m. ET/PT time delay) on the CBS Television Network. We're talking to this year's nominees ALL day from BWW's Tony Awards 'war room' - keep checking back for live updates!

Freaking out over your nomination is a totally normal... even in Penn Station.

I was actually on a NJ transit train, and just I got off Penn Station. My perfect agent...we've been together for 15 years and he's stuck by me through thick and thin was the one to call me, and it was perfect for him to tell me, and then my phone started screaming and couldn't stop. I didn't know a phone could get so many texts! I was crying at Penn Station...but this being NY - no one noticed me! - Anika Larsen, Beautiful - The Carole King Musical Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Musical

Acting is better than real estate.

It's remarkable to think that not long ago I was a struggling actor and considering other options. I was 35 and loved doing this, but I wanted some solidarity so I was taking real estate course. This show was fate pulling me back. It's an amazing role and amazing gift I'm so grateful to Woody, and Susan and everyone for the amazing opportunity. -Nick Cordero, Bullets Over Broadway - Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Musical

Kiss more ass and less face.

I have bronchitis, so I wasn't awake for the announcement. We just had our opening so I've been kissing everyone... maybe if I kissed more ass and less face I'd be better off. I was awakened by calls from Jordan Roth and Rick Miramontez- they woke me up, though I had a whole bunch of calls by then. I'm gonna try to heal today. I feel bad about not being at the curtain tonight though. - Harvey Fierstein, Best Play for Casa Valentina

Lock up your bunnies- who knows what Chris O'Dowd has planned for them!

I am beyond thrilled to accept this Tony nomination on behalf of my Mice and Men team. I still haven't got over the honour of being given the part, so I'm now a little worried what this new excitement will lead to. Lock up your bunnies! - Chris O'Dowd, Of Mice and Men - Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Play

Pharrell writes perfect celebratory music.

We are very musical backstage. So, I feel like there will be some of Pharrell's "Happy" playing tonight. I'm getting my celebratory playlist together in my head already! - Anika Noni Rose, A Raisin in the Sun - Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Play

5 messages means good news...or soemone is dead.

I feel like I'm in a bit of a dream state. But, when you pass 5 buzzes on your phone you're pretty sure it's good news. Or someone is dead. It's either very good news or very bad news. Really though, I'm happy to get a nomination for myself but the fact that the design team and the actors got nominated makes me feel so good about the whole show. - Michael Mayer, Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Best Direction of a Musical

Never give up!

I think what this nomination really means to me is that after 40 years in acting I am really being acknowledged - you know most of my career has been Downtown, off Broadway so this is really a wonderful affirmation for me about perservering, I think that's the name of the game - to always persevere. So it's very humbling and thrilling - I can't quite get my head around it to tell you the truth. I love this play and my character and I feel so, so very lucky to be here. Reed Birney, Casa Valentina - Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Play

Don't burn down the house on Tonys day.

I already left for an interview that was set up with Seth Rudetsky to talk about a concert I'm doing on May 12, and then I realized that I left food on in the house! So I tried to call anybody to help me- I didn't want the house to burn down on this beautiful day! The food is a little crispy but everything is in in order now. So now I'm back and I'm going to celebrate by laying down. -Adriane Lenox, After Midnight, Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Musical

Broadway = House of Cards

I'm actually in DC now visiting my girlfriend and I was initially resolved to thinking whatever happens happens, but when I woke up this morning I shot out of bed and I said to myself 'what were you thinking? I want to remember this moment!' so I got up and left the house and I actually walked down to the nation's capital and I was standing in front of Capital Hill and it was like an episode of House of Cards, you know it's a dreary rainy day here, people are walking and jogging and I almost expected to see Kevin Spacey come around the corner! And my phone was just going beserk with all the well wishes. I think I might have scared the school groups waiting to take the tour of the capital - I was expecting the secret service to descend on the crazy guy who was talking and whooping to himself on the phone! - Bryce Pinkham, A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder - Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical

Work hard and the rewards will come!

Someone said that I am the hardest working actor on Broadway and 'll take that award - coming from a hard working blue collar middle class family, we all worked for hard for what we got. And I might be a Bway kid now and I'm very grateful for that, but I still put in the hard work. -Andy Karl, Rocky - Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical

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