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Student Blog: My Workout/Game Day Musical Theatre Playlist Must Haves


Check out 10 of Makalah's Musical Theatre Must-haves in your workout/game day playlist!

Student Blog: My Workout/Game Day Musical Theatre Playlist Must Haves

As a listener to many genres of music, I have a considerable number of playlists. Some are nostalgic (shoutout to the 2000's bops) and some express my mood (I'm looking at you, sad boy hours). Nonetheless, I love myself a good playlist, especially for game days.

I am a collegiate athlete, and I've found that it's imperative to have a good game day playlist that gets you ready and in the right headspace before a game. In my playlist, I like a balance of music that's going to pump me up (basically anything by Beyoncé) as well as something that is going to calm and relax me (Too Good to Say Goodbye by Bruno Mars is always on repeat).

I listen to all genres under the sun: rap, pop, musical theatre, country, pretty much anything that pricks up my ears. Which is why, you'll find a really big mix of genres in my game day playlist.

As a lover of musical theatre, cast recordings have slowly but surely found their way into my game day playlist. That being said here are 10 musical theatre songs that are currently in my game day playlist, that I think you should add to yours, in no particular order.


1) Whose House Is This - Mean Girls the Musical

2) 96,000 - In the Heights

3) All I Really Want - Jagged Little Pill

4) When He Sees Me - Waitress

5) Guns and Ships - Hamilton

6) The Phantom of the Opera - The Phantom of the Opera

7) Welcome To The Rock - Come From Away

8) I Can Do Better Than That - The Last Five Years

9) What You Own - Rent

10) Bend and Snap - Legally Blonde the Musical

These are 10 songs that are in my game day playlist, as well as those that I listen to on a regular basis. Whether you've heard some, all or none, these are some of my favorites. So if you haven't heard of them, check them out!

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