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Student Blog: My October Playlist


I'm sharing with you my playlist to enjoy alongside your favorite pumpkin spice snack this autumn.

Autumn is finally here and what I love the most about this season, besides Halloween, is going on walks or driving alone on my way home and listening to songs that made me feel like the main character of a fall movie. I'm sharing with you my 2021 Autumn playlist that has songs from Hamilton, spooky tunes and also some of my favorite songs at the moment. Enjoy!

  • "Wake me up when September ends": I don't know about you, but I think this is such an autumn song, and the original version it's a classic but the one from the original broadway cast recording it's my favorite.
  • "Lost stars": I watched the movie Begin Again with my best friend last summer and the soundtrack surprised me so much that it was a little bit hard to choose just one song from the album, so I chose this one because of the relaxing music that's great after a hectic day.
  • "I wanna love you but I don't": Actually the whole Reverie album should be here, but since this song is one of my favorites at the moment, I thought it would be the perfect one to sing in the car or start dancing in your room at the golden hour.
  • "First Burn": This version of "Burn" doesn't hurt as much as the original one, and because of the different voices, it sounds like a normal girls band song so I love how I can just listen to it anywhere without wanting to cry from the very beginning.
  • "Poetry by Dead Men": In all of my playlists you'll hear at least one song from the queen,Sara Bareilles. But why this song? I'm not sure, I just love the lyrics and the title has vibes for a fall day, so.
  • "Cardigan": I mean, I just have to choose a Taylor Swift song for this playlist, specially from Folklore because the album screams autumn and also I love cardigans so what a perfect song.
  • "Your Song": Another amazing song that with Aaron Tveit's and Karen Olivo's voices just hits different, a love song for those days when you need to listen to something iconic but fresh.
  • "The Rose Song": One of the best songs from HSMTMTS season 2, that's just beautiful and common, it's Olivia Rodrigo singing.
  • "Masquerade": For me this is a halloween song, nobody can change my mind and also is one of my favorite numbers from The Phantom of the Opera, because it's a little bit mysterious but has its beauty, I don't know, I just love it.
  • "Fright of their lives": In my opinion, one of the best songs from Beetlejuice The Musical because it makes you feel the spooky vibes, but in a fun way and who doesn't like that .
  • "Agatha All Along": I wasn't sure about this song, but at the end I decided it could be a halloween song, so why not? Also it's such a bop.

I'll probably end up adding more songs but for now these are the ones that for sure will make you feel autumn! Enjoy the playlist with your favorite pumpkin spice snack while reading a good book or just watching the sunset.

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