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Student Blog: I Got Vaccinated!


Okay, I’m not fully vaxxed yet but still.

Student Blog: I Got Vaccinated!

Day 6 of the ninth month. Day 549 of Lockdown. I finally received my first jab of the Pfizer vaccine. The first in my family to get the two-shot vaccine. Everyone in my family so far have received the Johnson and Johnson one.

So, before you start thinking, why did she wait so long; I actually only qualified for a vaccine from the 20th of August. Persons from the age of 18 to 34 were only allowed to register from the 20th of August in South Africa. At first, we were set to only be vaccinated from the 1st of September but they moved the date forward as the 35 and up age group weren't showing up.

I registered on the 20th and got a date on the 29th, however my date was set for the first and I was not going to be in Cape Town around that time. I was only scheduled to get back on the third. But it's fine, you can walk in, anywhere.

I refused to be vaccinated in Makhanda because firstly, the vaccination site is so far away and transportation is so unpredictable and secondly, I do not want to risk getting a headache or any of the side effects while in residence then be thrown into isolation. No thank you!

Anyways, my friends and I are so excited to be vaxxed. We are even assigning ourselves experiment numbers. Experiments as in Experiment 626, Stitch. Because unlike many people in South Africa, we were so eager to get the vaccine as soon as possible. I knew immediately, that I wanted to be Experiment 625, the experiment before Stitch, otherwise known as Reuben.

Reuben can be described as Stitch with more lingual expertise and laziness. As much as I love Stitch and worship that fluff ball, Reuben and I are on the same level. We both hold so much potential but are so lazy that all we can do is make food, in Reuben's case sandwiches and in mine, whatever is easiest.

My friend, Jess, who was the first of us to be vaxxed has been granted experiment number 254 aka Mr Stency. An adorable pink experiment. Jess is by no means stinky but she does resemble Experiment 254 and she can lure people in with her innocent and cute appearance.

Noma, who is yet to get her first dose but is patiently waiting, was assigned experiment 221 aka Sparky. Sparky makes electricity. He was the first experiment we see in the tv series of Stitch. Noma, cannot generate electricity but her and Sparky resemble each other in a very weird and funny way.

I am so thankful to have received my first vaccine. I walked into the vaccination site proudly wearing my Waitress hoodie. Because I am always up to take a vaccine but this one is so much different. It isn't like any vaccine I have gotten before. It's not the chicken pox vaccine and it isn't the TB vaccine. This vaccine is a new beginning for us.

I believe everyone has the right to do what they wish. But that also means that I have the right to distance myself from people believing fake news and anti-vaxxers.

This isn't a political post; I am the furthest thing from political.

But I just want to say, if it means anything to anyone. I got the vaccine in memory of those who did not make it to this day, people like Nick Cordero. I took the vaccine in honour of families who have lost their world, like Amanda Kloots and Elvis. I was happy to be jabbed in thanks of all of our health care workers, who have had a much longer eighteen months than anyone can ever claim to have.

And I will happily be vaccinated as many times as possible to ensure that no one will ever be in a hospital bed fighting for their life, so that no one will ever go to the hospital one more time to say goodbye and so that the health care workers can enjoy a break rather than weep when they step outside for air.

Woohoo vaccinations!

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