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Spring Awakening & Talk Radio Stars Celebrate Mother's Day!


As sons and daughters across the country stock up on pearls and perfume for this Sunday, the stars of Broadway's Spring Awakening and Talk Radio share some favorite memories about the "mamas who bore them" - as well as their plans for this Mother's Day!

From Spring Awakening:

Jonathan Groff - When I was living in PA, my mom and brother and I used to go to dinner and a movie for every mother's day! This year, since I can't be at home, I'm going to send my mom a picture of us on the "The View" with Rosie, because she is obsessed with that show and with Rosie!

Lea Michele - One year for mother's day I got me and my mom tickets to go see Alanis Morissette. We both love her sooo much and we had the best time at her show. This year, I'm trying my hardest to some how get Oprah over to Spring Awakening to see the show and introduce her to my mom. If I could pull that off, then all of my mothers dreams would come true.

Remy Zaken - I was born on May 9th and my mother says the best Mother's Day gift she's ever received was being able to bring me home from the hospital ON Mother's Day.  That was her best mother's day gift so far. This year, I'm getting her a gift certificate to a place where she can get pampered since she spends so much of her time on her feet.

Skylar Astin – My fondest memories of Mother's Day were when I was younger, and my entire extended family lived in the same town. It would regularly start with my dad making breakfast. It is rare that my dad makes it but, when he does, it is always a treat. He makes a mean omelet. We would then exchange cards and gifts for my mother.

For some reason, I would always have a little league baseball game on Mother's Day, so that became a part of the routine.

Then we would go (dressed in baseball attire) to my Uncle Glenn and Aunt Helene's house, where they would have a big family barbeque. There we would have football catches, lots of food, and generally a really good time. I miss those days when we were together more often.

Fortunately and unfortunately, I have two shows on Mother's Day. So this year I am going to go out with my family in between the shows. I am not sure what to get her yet. It is always difficult because I always put much thought into her gifts. (She deserves a lot)!

Lauren Pritchard - My best Mother's Day memory was when I was about 10 my mother, my grandmother (my mom's mom) and myself attended a Mother/Daughter tea in celebration of Mother's day. We got all dressed up in summer dresses. It was held at a bed and breakfast. And I got to meet the Miss Tennessee that year. It was such a wonderful Mother's Day and I will always hold that close to me.  I won't be with my mother for Mother's Day, but I will be sending her a gift basket and buying her a day at the spa in my home town. (but try and keep it a secret cause it's a surprise hehehe)

Lilli Cooper - My favorite mother's day memory was last year. I was in my first off Broadway show (Spring Awakening at the Atlantic Theater) and my mom and both brothers met me by my theater and we all went out for a great French dinner down in Chelsea. It was awesome to celebrate mother's day and the show at the same time.  This year, I plan on cleaning the house!! And also getting my mom stage tickets to see the show again, cuz she can't get enough.

Gideon Glick - This year, I think my siblings are all going to be in NY, and we will be taking my mom out for dinner. I don't know if we will have time to see a movie, which we traditionally do on Mother's Day. My favorite Mother's Day was about 5 or 6 years ago. My brother and I made costumes, and choreographed a full on dance spectacle to wake up my mother. It was a stroke of unadulterated childhood creativity at is best. We both wore half a heart shaped pieces of cardboard, and in the dance, when we came together we made a whole heart.

From Talk Radio:

Sebastian Stan - It usually includes going to either a Romanian or a Greek restaurant.  Last year, we had a huge brunch at a fantastic Greek restaurant - I can't recall its name, unfortunately.  I've surprised my mom with flowers every year and a card.  Yeah, I'm not sure how interesting my contribution is to this.  I'd say we always end up having one of those long European meals in her celebration, at a restaurant she likes, with music so that we can dance after we eat a bit then eat a little later...again. It last about 4 hours or so. 

Kit Williamson - My favorite Mother's Day memories are from when I was very young.  My sister Sarah and I would try so hard to make the day special, but we were kids, so things rarely turned out the way we wanted them to.  Breakfast was usually pretty disastrous.  One year, we failed particularly well; we got up at six a.m. and made these incredibly lumpy, lop-sided strawberry pancakes that weren't exactly cooked all the way through, drowned them in syrup and garnished them with flowers from the backyard.  Yes, we beheaded the tops of the flowers and put them on top of the pancakes.   Looking back on it now, I think my mother would probably make a pretty fantastic actress; she always managed to convince us that whatever we brought her was delicious and she usually ate all of it, although I believe she only ate one of the flowers.  This year, unfortunately, I won't be able to make the trip to Mississippi to bring her breakfast in bed, so I'll have to settle on sending her flowers (not beheaded) and maybe a homemade card or mix CD.  I'm not very crafty but I like making gifts.  I think it's more personal.

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Photos by Walter McBride/Retna Ltd. - 1) Lilli Cooper, Gideon Glick, Steven Spinella, Brian CharLes Johnson, Jonathan B. Wright, Phoebe Strole, Jennifer Damiano, Krysta Rodriguez, Michael Mayer, Skylar Astin, Remy Zaken and Jonathan Groff; 2) Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff; 3) Sebastian Stan; 4) Kit Williamson

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