STAGE TUBE: AMERICAN IDOL' s Colton Dixon - After the Elimination

After 53 million votes were counted - the most of the season so far - Hollie, Elise, and Colton were in the bottom three. Asked if America got it right, Randy said, "I don't think it was one of Colton's better nights, but, God, I don't know." The biggest shock was yet to come: among the final three, the contestant with the least number of votes was Colton. He had never even been in the bottom three before, so what happened? "You know, I need to apologize," Colton told the judges. "I wasn't myself last night, and I get it, and I appreciate what you told me last night. I'll take that when I'm making a record." "You have a huge career ahead of you," Randy promised.

In an exclusive, see what happens onstage after Colton Dixon finishes his goodbye performance and the cameras keep rolling. Find out what words of advice he gets from the judges and fellow contestants.

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