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SPOTLIGHT ON THE 2011 TONY AWARDS: DAY 22 - Cher & Cole Porter

As a super-special Spring extension of BroadwayWorld's SOUND OFF column, every day until the Tony Awards on June 12 we will be presenting a spectacular new entry in the SPOTLIGHT ON THE 2011 TONY AWARDS series featuring a particularly entertaining, interesting, relevant and exciting Tony Awards-related clip from the last sixty-three years of the ceremonies and subsequent seasons on Broadway with a rundown and commentary on the sights, sounds and showmanship on display in each carefully chosen selection - all, of course, coming in anticipation of Broadway's biggest night, which will be broadcast on CBS this year, as always. Once again this year, BroadwayWorld is the official home of the 2011 Tony Awards and we will also be featuring exclusive interviews, articles, photos, video content, interactive features and more in the coming days and weeks leading up to the event so be sure to check back daily for your theatre fix!

Today, we have our hottest clip of the countdown - and, just in time! Cher and Cole Porter, igloos, Eskimos, leather, sealskin caps, fur coats and a little bit of lace - and, not much else! Oh, yeah: some serious belting courtesy of today's leading Tony Awards lady and some palpable, definite divatude. Plus, the hit song from Porter's LEAVE IT TO ME, "My Heart Belongs To Daddy". So very, very American Express!

Cher Does Cole Porter

The 1982 Tony Awards coined one of the campiest and - without question - one of the most classic Tony Awards clips of all time. The combination of Cher and Cole Porter just about says it all, though. I mean, what can be said about either of them that hasn't been said? I wish Cher would do an all-Porter album sometime in her twilight years because she clearly knows her way around a suggestive lyric and a bump-and-grind mentality. Plus, what can I add to the discussion that the clip doesn't say for itself, anyway? Actually, there is probably too much to say - and most of it unprintable! So, first, let's just say Cher is in full Mae West mode and struts, shakes and shimmies herself to divine Broadway diva-dom over the course of just one performance on a Broadway stage - you see, this was filmed back in the days when actual Broadway theaters were used for the Tony Awards and not barns like the Beacon and Radio City Music Hall. What a feat - yet, she had many variety show years in front of a national audience in which to hone her craft.

So, here is Cher doing the same thing she did in last year's BURLESQUE - hell, she may even be better now than she was then - getting her Sophie Tucker sauciness started up and simmering and then succeeding in camping up "My Heart Belongs To Daddy" by Cole Porter from LEAVE IT TO ME! - and wringing out of it all its ever-lovin' worth. Antarctica has never been quite this sizzling!

Hmm, can't tell if it's really cold or really hot in here right now, can you?!

Tomorrow: a dedication to Tony Awards Queen, Angela Lansbury!

That's all for today. Be sure to stay tuned to BroadwayWorld for all things Tony Awards and subscribe to this column to be the very first to check out the clips, commentary and take part in the conversation in our deluxe toast to the one and only Antoinette Perry every day until June 12 - and, especially, on that day! Until then…

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