Photo Coverage: Good Vibrations Party Celebration

By: Jan. 28, 2005
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The party celebration for GOOD VIBRATIONS took place on Thursday, January 27th with a party at Dodger Stages. The show has its official press opening on Wednesday, February 2.

GOOD VIBRATIONS, directed and choreographed by John Carrafa, book by Richard Dresser (Rounding Third, Gun-Shy) features more than 30 songs with music and lyrics by Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys. The musical tells a new story that is not the history of the Southern California super-group. It follows the romantic misadventures of a group of small-town teenagers from the East Coast on a life-changing odyssey to the Promised Land: the beaches of Southern California.

Tickets to GOOD VIBRATIONS are available online by clicking here.


Beach Boy Mike Love and Family

Director / Choreographer John Carrafa

Joseph Mazzella (actor/writer), Patti Desmond Martin (choreographer),
John Jeffrey Martin and James Stovall (actor/producer)

Jesse Nager and Titus Burgess

Chad Kimball

Beach Boys collaborator Van Dyke Parks and Chad Kimball

John Carrafa and Katherine La Nasa

Neil Patrick Harris, friend, and Chad Kimball

Tom Deckman

Mike Love and Brandon Wardell

Mike Love talking to Titus Burgess

Amanda Kloots and Mike Love

Jessica Snow-Wilson

Kate Reinders

Schele Williams and Brandon Wardell

David Larsen

Last, but not least - the cake!