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Pete Townshend Reflects On Creating The Who's TOMMY

Pete Townshend Reflects On Creating The Who's TOMMYIconic guitar-wielding front-man and songwriter for The Who, Pete Townshend talks about the culture of the time that led to his penning of one of the most unique and unclassifiable musical pieces of the 20th century with his rock opera TOMMY as part of a new radio documentary special feature on the fully-loaded Super Deluxe Edition, available now for pre-order.

"Trying to address what had happened around me in the late-'60s - which was a drug revolution; a psychedelic drug revolution, which was producing something that people called, you know, 'peace and love'," Townshend colorfully recounts was his initial motive in penning TOMMY.

As to how that atmosphere actually played into the creation of TOMMY itself, Townshend says, "To some extent it was a desperate, desperate act... I didn't really know what I was doing and I didn't really know how it was going to work."

TOMMY: Super Deluxe Edition will be released on November 11.

For more information on TOMMY: Super Deluxe Edition, check out the band's official site here.

Additionally, check out The Who's official Facebook page for an interactive ad for TOMMY: Super Deluxe Edition, available here.

Pre-order TOMMY: Super Deluxe Edition here.

View the new bonus feature preview from the Super Deluxe Edition of The Who's TOMMY below.

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