Margaret Cho's New Podcast Debuts July 16 with Jonathan Van Ness

Margaret Cho's New Podcast Debuts July 16 with Jonathan Van Ness

Join comedy icon Margaret Cho each week as she interviews people YOU KNOW and people she thinks YOU SHOULD KNOW, if you don't already.

Presented by new female-led podcast network Earios, in partnership with podcast company Acast, the 36-episode first season will feature guests such as Jonathan Van Ness, Kat von D, Michael Yo, and more. Episodes will drop each Tuesday, starting July 16.

"I am a big fan of all sorts of podcasts and I thought it was about time to put my own hat into the ring! I really think it would be good for you to have my voice in your ear talking about all sorts of things while you clean your house or drive in soul crushing traffic," says Margaret. " It wouldn't just be me, but also my famous friends talking to you while you sort and fold and drive and bathe. Basically, we have a really interesting conversation and in the end, we will all be better people with clean homes that we don't mind driving to and from."

"We are thrilled to be working with Margaret, who is a model for iconoclastic women everywhere, and also just a deeply kind, funny person," says Earios co-founder Priyanka Mattoo. "We have been so fortunate she's joined us on this adventure, and are excited for listeners to experience the warmth and curiosity that infuses every episode of THE Margaret Cho!"

Episodes can be found on Apple, Stitcher, Acast, Spotify or wherever you subscribe to podcasts.

Through Margaret Cho's iconic work in comedy, fashion, music, and activism, she's developed deep, lasting friendships with - well - a bunch of famous people, while never losing her desire to search for and support the next big thing. On THE Margaret Cho, join her for a series of intimate interviews with celebrities you love and know and artists you might not know, but should.

An accomplished performer in all formats, Margaret Cho could be called the "Queen of all Media" having conquered the worlds of film, television, books, music and theatre. She has five Grammy Award nominations (two for music albums, Cho Dependent andAmerican Myth) and one Emmy nod for her groundbreaking work on 30 Rock. Never one to shy away from a difficult or 'taboo' topic, her socially aware brand of stand-up comedy has made her both a thought leader as well as a teacher to those with open minds and open hearts.

Equally as important as her creative side is the causes she is passionate about. Margaret is widely recognized for her charitable work with gay rights and anti-bullying campaigns. In every segment of her life, Margaret is honest, forthright, passionate, uproarious and always entertaining.

Earios is a podcast network built by women, with funny, smart and inclusive programming for everyone. Our shows range from interviews to fiction, and all the creative forms in between. The network was incubated in 2018 and launched in 2019 by entertainment veterans Maria Blasucci, Amanda Lund and Priyanka Mattoo. Follow @EariosNetwork on Twitter and Instagram.

Acast is the world's largest podcast company. Since 2014, Acast has been the engine powering audio for creators all over the world. At its core, Acast connects audio makers with the financial support they need to create amazing content while also delivering the audience they want. Acast works with podcasts globally including Forever 35, The Lady Vanishes, My Dad Wrote a Porno, David Tennant Does a Podcast With..., Ask A Clean Person, Hollywood Crime Scene, Watch What Crappens, and Fat Mascara as well as those of publishers such as the BBC, Vogue, The Economist, and VICE. As a global business, Acast has offices around the world from Stockholm to Sydney and a team of 150+ talented audio lovers working diligently to create a sustainable audio and voice ecosystem to ensure that the audio industry continues to grow and flourish. Acast was founded by Karl Rosander and Mans Ulvestam together with co-founder Johan Billgren.

Photo Credit: Kaitlin Parry

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