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LISTEN: Josh Gad Talks BOOK OF MORMON Memories, CENTRAL PARK, and More!

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Josh Gad joined Zane Lowe for Apple Music's first episode of a new interview series, Songs For Life, where stars from all walks of life talk to Apple Music about the tunes that soundtracked the most important and indelible moments in their lives and careers-moments that are inextricably connected to memories both joyous and difficult, that are as much a part of who they are as those songs themselves.

Songs for Life aired on Apple Music on Sunday, June 28 at 7a PST / 10a EST and is available on demand at apple.co/_SongsForLife

During the interview, Gad shared his most memorable moments during his time performing in Book of Mormon, telling Lowe, "I would say that there were three moments that stick out to me. One is the first preview and I'll never forget knowing in that moment, everything clicked that this was going to work. Next memory that I cherish is there's a line in one of my songs where I say, "I am Africa just like Bono. I am Africa." And I look out and who is sitting directly in front of me, but Bono. That was pretty incredible. He had a mixture of glee and also I could kill you with one wave of my pen and a checkbook. And there was a lot of that kind of stuff. But one night I'm backstage and I hear this voice and this guy goes, "Hey, you. Yeah, you. You got a sick voice, man." And I turned around and it is none other than the Boss looking at me telling me that I have a sick voice. And I'm like, "Mr. Springsteen, could you please sign my book?" I was so enamored. And then the final memory, a great memory. And there were so many of these, but my last performance ever of the show, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, who's an idol of mine, was in the audience. I had never met him before. And he came up to me after the show had ended and he goes, "You know what? You're really special. And I hope we get to work together one day." And I was like, this is literally the dream. This is why I did this."

Gad also spoke about his new Apple TV series Central Park, saying, "I looked at Loren [Bouchard] when we started to do this and I said, "This has to be an event musical series. It can't just be a musical by name." I want it to live and breathe music. I want the characters to sing songs that aren't just filling up time in an episode, but are as iconic as anything we would hear on a stage or on the big screen. And that process was tedious, expensive, long and backbreaking, but I feel very confident in saying, that I think this show is a game changer when it comes to music, especially. It's very, very special."

Listen to the interview below!

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