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HSTC Visualizes William Shakespeare's THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR

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HSTC Visualizes William Shakespeare's THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR

In the midst of quarantine where every actor along with everyone in the entertainment industry are on lockdown, a collective of Shakespeare enthusiasts, actors and artists are gathered to continue in expressing their artistry and creativity online with the help of modern technology. Ironically in the world of Shakespeare and his canon of verses and plays, we find ourselves running this comedy virtually by Hold Space Theatre Collective.

The comedy of Merry Wives of Windsor is one of William Shakespeare's lesser-regarded comedies and is set during King Henry IV's plays featuring Falstaff in Windsor. It is one of the last plays by William Shakespeare and one of the less-regarded plays in his canon. The irony of the outcome of the situation is the comedy of the entire narrative which entails karma, love, passion and disparities in social-economic class. The reflection of the classic storyline still echoes to present-contemporary times that highlights the universality of Shakespeare's work and its relevance today.

HSTC Visualizes William Shakespeare's THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR

Founded by Jennifer Healy, Hold Space Theatre Collective is a space for artists of all ages, levels, and specialties to bring their unique gifts to the equation. We strive to be supportive, open-minded, helpful, and empathetic. We hold space. Hold Space engages, inspires, entertains and challenges audiences with live theatrical productions that range from the classics to new works. We strive to produce exceptional art that encourages and motivates. We cultivate an audience that expects to be challenged. And we rise to that challenge by fostering an environment for artists to grow. And we provide quality theatrical work that thrills us, too.

Merry Wives of Windsor streams through the Hold Space Theatre Collective Youtube Channel on May 8, 2020 at 2pm (EDT) and presents Nicole Meeker (Narrator), Robb Kerstner (Robb Falstaff), Sarah Hewitt (Mistress Quickly), Morgan Moffitt (Mistress Ford), Andrew Prosser (Master Frank Ford), Nicole Shaw (Mistress Page), Josh Coslar (Master Gorge Page), Ann Glackin (Anne Page), Bradley Samodel (Master Fenton), Jesse Canella (Doctor Caius), Francis Mabborang (Justice Robert Shallow), Elle Vallejos, (Master Abraham Slender), William Meurer (William Page, John Rugby & Bardolph), Alyssa Hricko (Robin), Cordelia Lucid (Nym), Carter Glace (Sir Hugh Evans), Dominique Kelly (Pistol and Simple), Rebecca Gloss (Host of the Garter Inn). Jennifer Healy as the Director and Kristina Nostro as the Production Assistant.

You can check out more information of Hold Space Theatre Collective through their Facebook Page and more of their upcoming shows and streams or email

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