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Greta Gerwig Talks Film Versus Theatre, THE VILLAGE BIKE & More

Greta Gerwig Talks Film Versus Theatre, THE VILLAGE BIKE & MoreAcclaimed film and TV star Greta Gerwig makes the transition to the stage with her prominent role in the new play THE VILLAGE BIKE and the actress opens up about her various experiences working in different mediums as part of a new interview.

Touching upon THE VILLAGE BIKE, Gerwig opines, "The play freaks a lot of people out... which is great."

Elaborating, Gerwig says of the physical and emotional toll that the nightly performances take on her is quite significant.

"I always feel destroyed after...I've just exposed myself, and it's really hard to look at people. I need a whiskey," Gerwig shares.

Additionally, Gerwig says of her post-college focus on film versus theatre, "I continued to go to theater and be a fan of it... but it wasn't what life was telling me was working."

As far as her relationship with director Sam Gold is concerned, Gerwig reveals she enjoys the challenge, relating, "My happiest times are when I'm completely stretched beyond what I think I could do, in a kind of emotional and physical exhaustion. It makes other days seem so much less vivid."

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