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Glee-Cap: Yes/No.


Welcome back, Gleeks! Life is full of yes and no questions and tonight – some major ones will be asked and answered.

Sam and Mercedes recount their summer fling in the best way possible – using the time old classic "Summer Nights". Meanwhile, Becky has her eye on Artie to be her new man as Emma suddenly feels the pressure of wedded bliss once Coach Bieste reveals she's eloped with Cooter, leaving Emma singing – literally – the "Wedding Bell Blues".  After Emma accidentally proposes, Will decides to get a move on and ask Emma's parents, challenging the glee club to come up with the perfect proposal number.

In an attempt to win back Mercedes, Sam joins the synchronized swimming team, which doesn't sit well with the status quo of McKinley High or Shane, Mercedes boyfriend. Meanwhile, Artie attempts to get Mr. Schue to use his moves to win over Ms. Pillsbury by performing a mash up of "Moves like Jagger" and "Jumpin Jack Flash" – which isn't up to Mr. Schue's ideal, but tickles Becky's fancy more than Artie would like.   Mr. Schue asks Finn to be his best man while attempting to pick out the perfect ring, while Finn reveals he's considered the Army as a possibility for his future.

The ladies of New Directions attempt to capture 'first glances' with their attempt at a proposal number, which only leads to Mercedes realizing she's not over Sam at all.  When Will asks Emma's parents for their permission to ask Emma to marry him, they flat out deny him permission attempting to say they are doing what's best for Emma. After Finn's revelation of possibly enlisting, Mr. Schue calls Burt, Carole, and Emma into a meeting with Finn where Carole reveals Finn's father didn't die quite as heroically as originally thought. Artie tells off the New Directions for their narrow minded view on his enjoyment of Becky's company, leaving the New Directions stunned.

Once Becky's attention becomes too much, Artie turns to Sue, who explains to Artie that Becky just wants to be treated normally, meanwhile Emma attempts to propose, but Will's uncertainty over Emma's ability to handle the messes that life brings puts a damper on the happy mood, leaving Emma attempting to explain she'll improve and her love for Will is stronger than any illness.  Kurt, Rachel, and Finn complain about their futures and the uncertainty over everything, leading Rachel to sing "Without You" and try and picture her future without Finn, something she simply cannot do. After everything, Will still has no idea what number to use, but Sam tips him off to a new possible idea – with the glee club leading a synchronized swimming routine to 'We Found a Love' – leading to Emma accepting Will's proposal.

Artie breaks Becky's heart while Finn takes his heart into his hands and proposes to a shocked Rachel – leaving her completely speechless.

Yes and no questions are a huge part of life – and yes, there's more new Glee your way, but no – it's not next week, but in two weeks – but it's going to be 'thrilling' and downright 'bad' -  yes, the Michael Jackson tribute is about to blow your mind.  See you in two weeks, Gleeks. 

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