Glee-Cap: The Spanish Teacher.


I'd normally give some kind of witty introduction here, but I am not well versed in Spanish beyond the little I learned from middle school and high school, so let's just pretend I said something really amusing in Spanish and didn't put a lot of exclamation points and mention Ricky Martin and how he's livin la vida loca and can induce bon bon shaking. So, Gleeks! You ready for Ricky!!! Shake your bon bon and get ready to livin la vida loca!

Will's Spanish skills are lacking and when Principal Figgins mentions to him a tenure position opening, Will goes to night school to brush up on his espanol where he meets the charming teacher, David Martinez. Meanwhile, Sue decides she wants to have a baby and begins looking for possible donors, while also competing for the tenure position, which is complicated by Roselyn, the synchronized swimming coach.  Will, after talking to David, decides to launch a Latin music themed week, which is kicked off by David leading the glee club in "Sexy and I Know It".

Mercedes and Sam turn to Emma for help with their problem, to which Emma tells them to not speak for a week and see how it works. Rachel drops the engagement bomb on Kurt and Mercedes during a diva's sleepover, which prompts Rachel to defend her choice to her friends. Meanwhile, Roselyn continues to step on Sue's toes by spicing up the Cheerios moves, which is an attempt to nab her tenure. Unable to speak to Sam, Mercedes turns to song to speak the words, she can't say.

Sam gathers the guys to counter Mercedes number with a dash, which seems to work its magic. Emma confronts Sue after Will tells her about Sue proposing him to be a sperm donor, which once again reveals the softer side of Sue. Kurt confronts Finn about the engagement to Rachel, leading to a nice moment between the brothers.

Sue confronts Santana about her possibly being one of the complaints against her that threatens her tenure. Emma attempts to calm Will's anxiety prior to his big "Spanish Teacher" showdown with David, but his stress is too high and leaves Emma less than pleased at his reaction. David takes to the stage with Santana for a little "Spanish Lullaby", which leaves Will to go big or go home.

Will performs "A Little Less Conversation" with a Spanish flare, which leaves Santana cold and calling out Mr. Schue on his lack of actual knowledge of the Spanish culture, proving Santana was the one who complained about Will's teaching. Coach Bieste praises Emma's pamphlets, a tactic she used to attempt to calm Will, a conversation that leads to Will telling Emma how proud of her he is.

Will finishes out the stint in night school and informs David that the position for Spanish teacher is open for him to take, while Will plans to move to the history department. The week of silence ends for Mercedes and Sam, but Mercedes goes back to Shane, leaving Sam hurt. Will celebrates Emma getting the tenure position and explains he was a jerk for being unsupportive seeing as that was a causing factor in his first marriage failing.

And there you have it, Gleeks. Did you feel the Latin fever? Well, next week brings love fever and Valentine's Day to the forefront. See you next week, Gleeks!

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