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Glee-Cap: Michael


Gleeks, it's time to break out your sparkly gloves and bust your best moon walk! That's right, Gleeks -It's Michael Jackson time! Get ready smooth criminals and Billie Jeans, it's going to be a doozy! 

Santana and Mercedes lament about missing their chance to perform Michael with the rest of New Directions at Sectionals, which prompts Blaine to suggest Michael Jackson as a possible theme for the week, busting out into a MJ classic to get things moving. Meanwhile, Finn is still pressing Rachel for an answer to his proposal for marriage, but she continues to struggle with the huge gravity of it. 
While having coffee at the Lima Bean, Sebastian drops a bomb on the New Directions revealing that the Warblers will also be performing Michael numbers at Regionals, a tip he picked up from Blaine. The New Directions don't take kindly to this and decide to declare war on the Warblers - taking it to the streets with "Bad", which doesn't end well when Sebastian throws a slushie meant for Kurt in Blaine's face, leaving Blaine seriously injured. 
With Blaine sidelined due to the injury to his eye, the rest of the New Directions plot what to do about the Warblers, prompting Artie to take a stand and take on "Scream" with Mike Chang. 
Kurt continues to try and figure out a way to get revenge on Sebastian for what he did to Blaine, which Santana seems prime to jump on that idea. Meanwhile, Sam continues to try and woo Mercedes, going so far as to propose singing "Human Nature" as a duet - said duet leads to a kiss.  In her current state, Rachel needs someone to turn to and turns to Quinn, who reveals that she's gotten into Yale and plans to leave the past behind her once fall rolls around, giving Rachel more to think about. 
Burt arrives at McKinley with a letter from NYADA that reveals Kurt has become a finalist for a spot at the prestigious school. Excitedly, Kurt goes to share his news with Rachel, which only causes Rachel to break as the future seems bleak for her. Kurt, Finn, and Rachel perform "Ben" for Blaine to allow him to feel somewhat part of the Michael week experience. 
Santana goes to Dalton to get proof that Sebastian put something in the slushie that caused Blaine's injury, giving "Smooth Criminal" Sebastian a taste of his own medicine, before getting a slushie facial herself. When Santana presents the evidence she recorded, Kurt refuses to accept it and wants to teach the Warblers a lesson. Meanwhile, Finn turns to song to get his feelings for Rachel by singing "I Can't Stop Lovin You" prompting Rachel to finally accept Finn's proposal. 
Sebastian and the Warblers arrive at McKinley where the New Directions offer a lesson a la Michael with "Black and White" leaving Sebastian as the sole Warbler not to feel the King of Pop's message. 
Rachel goes to find Kurt when she receives her NYADA letter telling her she's finalist, too. The joy is short lived as reality sets in when Kurt asks if she's told Finn. 
Michael taught everyone a lesson this week, but next week - a new  sexy Spanish teacher (Livin la vida, Ricky Martin)  will teaching a much different lesson. Until next week, Gleeks! 

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