Glee-Cap: I Kissed A Girl


The drama is crazy high at McKinley High, Gleeks. Between the presidential race and Santana's sexuality being put on blast, and upcoming Sectionals – it's getting real!

Finn saves Santana from being suspended for two weeks – which would ultimately make her unable to compete in Sectionals, but there's a catch – a group assignment between the Troubletones and New Directions. Rachel worries about Kurt's future with the election on the horizon and the results looking more and more in Brittany's favor.  Finn comes up with a lesson on Lady Music – songs by ladies for ladies, which are kicked off by Kurt and Blaine dedicating "Perfect" by Pink to Santana, who is less than enthused by the whole thing.

Coach Bieste is very much into Cooter, while Puck walks the line between Quinn and Shelby while performing "I'm The Only One" – which only prompts Quinn to question his loyalty to their original plan. Finn and Santana share a moment, before Finn performs a ballad version of "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" which moves Santana. Meanwhile, Sue moves in on Cooter to help boost her campaign chances, while Coach Bieste realizes Cooter has been very interested, but she may have ruined it by being scared of how to react.

Election Day has arrived and each member of New Directions and the Troubletones make their choice for president while Kurt fears the future and how the election will turn out. Coach Bieste takes personal connection in Dolly Parton's "Jolene" and worries about Sue stealing Cooter from her. The girls of New Directions and the ladies of the Troubletones team up to represent Santana with "I Kissed a Girl".  Kurt gets accused of stuffing the ballot box, when it was really Rachel who did it to ensure that Kurt won the election.  Shelby calls Puck when Beth gets hurt and taken to the hospital, before Shelby confronts her fears over their relationship, prompting Puck to walk out.

Santana speaks to her Abuela and comes out, but her Abuela rejects her and tells her to leave her house saying that some things were meant to be secrets. Quinn wants Puck to have sex with her, but the moments turns intimate in a different way when Puck helps Quinn understand her problems a little, before revealing a secret of his own.

Kurt, Shelby, Coach Bieste, and Santana contemplate their futures with "Constant Cravings"  - each one worried about huge aspects of their lives. Rachel comes clean about rigging the election for Kurt and gets suspended from school and competing at Sectionals.

With Sectionals next week and Rachel unable to compete – it's only getting more dramatic, Gleeks. Until next week!



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