Glee-Cap: I Do.


Glee-Cap: I Do.

Wedding bells are ringing this week, and just in time for Valentine's Day! I know, it sickens those of us single people on Valentine's Day, but love is in the air tonight, Gleeks!

Finn tells Rachel about kissing Emma and despite what he hopes to be a good conversation turns into a awkwardness when he can't seem to get over her new relationship with Brody. Emma is fraying at the ends as Finn tries to confront her, but she's not having it because she has pressing matters to deal with involving the wedding to deal with the situation at hand. Will returns and informs the Glee club he wants them to perform at his wedding, and in place of a best man speech, Will wants Finn to sing - freaking him out even more. What does Finn Hudson do when he freaks out? Turns to Rachel Berry? You bet! With Rachel's help, the best man song is now a duet between the two, and is that sparks I see flying?

Marley gives Jake a gift for Valentine's Day, but Jake is not even remotely ready for Valentine's Day. With help from Ryder, Jake presents Marley with "All I Need to Get By" by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. Emma pairs Artie up with her handicap able niece named Betty, which Artie seems pleased about.

Wedding day has arrived and finds Quinn and Santana hating everything, Kurt and Blaine hooking up, and Ryder still helping Jake despite what may be longing feelings. When Sue shows up dressed in a wedding dress, Emma's freak out explodes in "We're Not Getting Married Today" from Company and running out on her groom. When the blushing bride comes down the aisle and is Sue, she has to be the one to break it to Will that Emma has fled the scene. And there goes the bride, folks!

Finn and Will talk jilted groom to conflicted best man, but Will is too emotional for Finn to be real about what happened, but Santana arrives and explains that Emma's parents still want the reception to happen. Will heads off to find Emma as the New Directions party at the reception - Santana and Quinn drink away their blues using fake IDs; Artie confronts the less than sweet Betty, who is not even remotely taken with Artie. Kurt and Blaine perform "Just Can't Get Enough" by Depeche Mode, much to the insane anger of one lunatic named Tina Cohen Chang. Tina confronts Kurt and they snip and snap, before Tina lets slip what she did to Blaine while he was sick, before spazzing and running off with Kurt at her heels. Sue tosses the bride's bouquet and Rachel catches it - much to the shock of no one.

Rachel goes to find Finn after catching the bouquet and they find no matter what, the spark is still and always will be there for them. Taking to the stage, Rachel and Finn lead "We've Got Tonight" by Bob Seger as couples excepted and not dance the night away. Finn and Rachel, Betty and Artie, Quinn and Santana, Kurt and Blaine, and Marley and Jake share the night and each other. Blaine confronts Kurt with love and how no matter what they will be together, Quinn and Santana go in for round two, Artie and Betty bask in awkward hook up, while Marley and Jake share time together, but don't go all the way, as Rachel sneaks out on Finn.

Rachel returns home to a cutely decorated apartment and Brody, both exchanging comments about their Valentine's Day - but it seems Brody isn't being as honest as Rachel about who he was with on Valentine's Day and looking very much like a male escort. Tina apologizes to Blaine and Kurt for her actions both at the wedding and in general, they forgive her and want to help her find a man of her own. Marley confronts Ryder because she knows he helped Jake with all the Valentine's Day glory, but Ryder takes the moment of victory and kisses her.

Finn gives Will support, while Betty and Artie get closer and Betty apologizes for being less than kind at first. "Anything Can Happen" as the New Directions perform the Ellie Goulding hit and something seems to be happening with Rachel as she takes a pregnancy test.

Anything happened, and Valentine's Day is over - so are you more in love or feeling crushed like a game of Candy Crush Saga? You want to add more crush? Glee will return on March 7th. It happens, but anything can happen. I'll see you in a few weeks - we're going to the movies, Gleeks! See you then.

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