First Ever Socially-Distanced Flash Mob Receives Honorable Mention From NY Governor Andrew Cuomo

By: May. 22, 2020

First Ever Socially-Distanced Flash Mob Receives Honorable Mention From NY Governor Andrew Cuomo

Members of New York City's theatrical community created a musical commercial in the form of the world's first socially-distanced flash mob in response to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's "Wear a Mask" PSA campaign. The commercial received Cuomo's first honorable mention and was picked up by additional New York State departments such as the Department of Health, Department of Mental Health, Division of Homeland Security, and Office for New Americans.

Jim Cooney, who conceived, choreographed, and co-directed the commercial, says, "Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the pandemic. We wanted to help spread Governor Cuomo's #NewYorkTough message of encouraging everyone to properly wear masks when in public. We're grateful for this honorable mention but even more appreciative of the opportunity to increase awareness."

In addition, Cooney hoped to inspire other artists to continue creating during the pandemic shutdown. He says, "Like any project, you work within the given limitations to discover solutions. We wanted to exceed the CDC and WHO safety guidelines to ensure the health of everyone involved, so that was the basis for every single decision throughout the process, both logistical and creative. It was a total team effort and shows that art can still thrive. We couldn't be prouder of what we accomplished together."

The commercial was shot, edited, and co-directed by Marjorie LeWit, and Nikko Kimzin served as Story Consultant. The performers in order of appearance are Melodye Redding, Garen McRoberts, Jessica Dorcey, Rebecca Magazine, Shannon Giles, Wynter Mack, Jamal Shuriah, Danny Hammond, Corey Joseph Masklee, Kristin Seneca, Lariscy Elizabeth, Talia Dooz, Patrick Boyd, Esther Sanchez, Xavier Mack, Melissa Strain, Elizabeth Cowperthwaite, and Rashaan James Ii. The Aggravated Driver was played by Susanna LeWit, and additional vocals were supplied by Kayley Anne Collins, Brittney Morello, Will Ray.

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