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This week, in honor of true triple-threat trouper Kristin Chenoweth, we are featuring clips from her many stage and TV performances, as well as some clips from her new Disney feature film comedy YOU AGAIN co-starring Sigourney Weaver, Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis, Victor Garber and Betty White, in addition to some of her most GLEEktastic moments portraying April Rhodes on Fox's smash hit musical comedy series GLEE. We'll also take a look at what makes her a Broadway baby at heart and why the stage will always be the place where her feet are most firmly - and fabulously - planted, as adaptable as she undoubtedly is to all media. She can certainly hold her own on screens large or small, as her Emmy-winning performance on PUSHING DAISIES and her Emmy-nominated work on both GLEE and THE WEST WING certainly proved. She can do it all - and do a mean "Nessum Dorma" and "Glitter and Be Gay" to boot - absolutely anywhere - and she's everywhere to be seen in this Glinda edition of FLASHBACK/FLASHFORWARD FRIDAY!

Be My Broadway Baby

In this FLASHBACK/FLASHFORWARD FRIDAY special combo edition, we have a plethora of the very best performances from the many film, theatre and television highlights that Kristin Chenoweth has provided over the years. While YOU AGAIN is a Disney production, she is no stranger to the Mouse having appeared in a number of their spectacular musical television events over the years. Two of her very best classic leading lady portrayals - Lily St. Regis in ANNIE and Marian The Librarian in THE MUSIC MAN - are just two great examples of her range as an actress, singer and all-around formidable talent. Also, we get a bit of Bernstein courtesy of the brilliant Great Performances presentation of CANDIDE co-starring Patti LuPone from a few years back, as well as some 60s r&b/soul girl group songs with her decked-out knock-out partners Carrie Underwood and Christina Applegate. Also, no Chenoweth-a-thon would be complete without a glimpse or two of GLEE, so here we have one of her very best - and a personal favorite of hers and mine - made famous by Heart and, more recently, none other than Carrie Underwood. No matter who her duet - or trio - partner may be, Kristin proves time and time again she is always at the top of her game and there is seemingly no limit to her abilities as an actress, singer and all-around shooting star. See why - and see some scenes from her new movie YOU AGAIN, which opens in theaters nationwide today!

Christmas may be three months away, and while snow isn't quite yet on the ground, this frothy frolic of a Motown medley coming from Carrie Underwood, Christina Applegate and Ms. Chenoweth is sure to get you in the groove, if not the spirit of the season. And those harmonies! Those costumes! Those hairdos! HAIRSPRAY-esque 60s psychedelic ala the Three C's (Carrie, Christina and Chenoweth).

Here is Heart with all the fire and passion of the Wilson sisters, courtesy of Kristin and Matt Morrison from her first appearance in last season's GLEE. We talk extensively about this song and what the music of HEART - and the music of the 80s in general - means to Ms. Chenoweth in the complete InDepth InterView: Kristin Chenoweth coming next week. Don't miss it. And don't miss this or you could very well end up… well, alone.

Next we have Kristin Chenoweth portraying Voltaire's famous satiric female Cunegonde, done to perfection by Ms. Chenoweth in the classic near-impenetrable aria "Glitter And Be Gay" from Leonard Bernstein, Lillian Hellman and John Latouche's CANDIDE. In this astonishing performance, watch her hit notes you didn't even know existed! Bernstein would be proud.

Keeping with the musical theatre theme, here is a clip from the Disney television film version of THE MUSIC MAN starring Matthew Broderick and Kristin. A resplendent Marian, "Goodnight My Someone" sounds so affecting. Just as "Glitter And Be Gay" is the ideal companion piece to the Barbara Cook original, so, too, is this Meredith Willson classic done damn well.

Last, be sure to check out this montage of scenes from Kristin and the all-star cast of YOU AGAIN with a particularly guffaw-inducing moment from our lady of the day, KC, acting particularly… catty. Meow - and wow! If this clip so moves you, get in gear to catch YOU AGAIN tonight!

That's all for this week. Please remember that if you have discovered a particularly thrilling, unique, bizarre or hilarious Broadway-related clip to please send us a line at the link below. Until next week…

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