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Freestyle Love Supreme
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FREESTYLE LOVE SUPREME Academy Announces Fall Classes

The season kicks off on October 2.

Freestyle Love Supreme kicks off its three-month Fall Season on October 2, with a huge virtual FLS Academy showcase as well as an educational hip hop weekend for kids called "Hip Hop Homeroom", and three more "Welcome to the Cypher" intro courses to include more adults into the creative improv community.

FLS Academy is the first ever freestyle school created and run directly by FLS members, including teachers and guest facilitators, in partnership with long-time FLS producers Kail, Miranda, Ars Nova founders Jenny and Jon Steingart, and Hamilton co-producer Jill Furman. Following a successful run on Broadway last fall, the FLS Academy has transformed their unique blend of improvisation, storytelling, and hip hop into interactive, virtual classes. Current teachers include seasoned freestyle facilitators Chris "Shockwave" Sullivan, Tarik R. "Tardis Hardaway" Davis, Andrew "Jelly Donut" Bancroft and Aneesa "Young Nees" Folds, with additional guest teachers and instructors.

Got Your Back: An FLS Academy Showcase!

Friday, October 2 at 8:00 p.m. (EDT)

Got Your Back is the first ever FLS Academy showcase that features FLSA founders and facilitators, including Chris "Shockwave" Sullivan, Aneesa "Yung Nees" Folds, Andrew "Jelly Donut" Bancroft, Tarik "Tardis Hardaway" Davis, and more. They'll spend 50 minutes using suggestions to inspire their improv games, beatboxing, and freestyling. The class will introduce a number of their facilitators and show some of the skills and values that bring joy and creativity to the Academy.

"Got your back" is also what Freestyle Love Supreme members say to each other before every show. It means that no matter what happens, they'll be there for each other. This new virtual show is a chance for the founders and facilitators to demonstrate this concept and to spend an evening lifting each other up with improv and music.

Tickets are $10 - $20 on a sliding scale, with proceeds going to guest performers and FLS Academy scholarships. A Zoom link will be sent the week of the show.

Hip Hop Homeroom: HERstory

Saturday, October 3 and Sunday, October 4

4:00-6:30 p.m. (EDT)

Two-day workshop for youth from 7-12 years old

Fee is $100

FLS Academy presents "Hip Hop Homeroom," a series of weekend workshops combining a variety of lessons with hip hop music, improv, teamwork, and creative assignments. The first weekend of October launches this new workshop as a fun, creative way to supplement a child's education.

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, "Hip Hop Homeroom: HERstory" is a two-day exploration and celebration of women abolitionists, suffragettes, and voting. Students will learn about early American female heroes and discuss the importance of elections. The lessons and discussions will be delivered over a beat, with students encouraged to share their own ideas and experiences through the art of improv and storytelling. Students will spend half of each day in small groups with kids of the same age, interacting with music and a talented FLSA facilitator. Each student will be given an educational mission between the two days - to present their own rap about a heroic woman from history to their group.

The second Fall "Hip Hop Homeroom" will take place on November 14 & 15. Future subjects may include geography & culture, physics & math, and Shakespeare.

Welcome to the Cypher

Remote intro course for adults, available three different weekends:

Octobert 10 and 11

November 7 and 8

December 5 and 6

Fee is $100

This introductory course in beatbox, finding your flow, and telling your story over a beat has now inspired hundreds of participants from Australia to Tunisia, creating an incredible community of people supporting

each other in doing something vulnerable, powerful, and ridiculously fun. This is the beginnings of the Foundations of Freestyle 8-week course spread out over two days and tailored for the Zoom environment.


Freestyle Teens Supreme (13-17 yrs old)

Freestyle Clubhouse (7-12 yrs old)

Thursdays from 7:00-8:00 p.m. (EDT)

Fee is $25 per class

Every Thursday, the youth sessions, Freestyle Clubhouse and Freestyle Teens Supreme, are being offered from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. (EDT). The classes focus on telling truths through improv and building confidence while also giving a foundation in basic freestyle skills.

In addition to the fall line-up, the FLS Academy will also be launching a new course for current community members called "My Squad," and holding recurring weekly adult and youth activity sessions. The adult classes cover an introduction to beatboxing, finding your flow and improv storytelling.

FLS Academy is also available for corporate training and virtual engagemetns and have led workshops and Zoom performances for large brands and tech companies throughout the pandemic.

For more information on the FLS Academy virtual classes or to RSVP, please email or visit

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