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Today, in honor of Holy Week, we shine a special spotlight on one of the most revered and rockin' musicals ever written, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR.

FLASH FRIDAY: Hey, JC! JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR Shines OnYou'll Get The Power And The Glory

How to even describe the incalculable impact that Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's groundbreaking 1970 rock opera JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR had on an entire collective psyche at the time that it was released? How most accurately to express the outright audacity of it all and the iconic pop culture lynchpin it represents for an entire generation? Indeed, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR virtually broke the mold of what a musical could be, from its very conception to actual enacting - we must remember, no one had ever created a rock score quite like this before, further compounded by the fact that it was released as a concept album before it was even performed in concert or on a stage, let alone actually directed or produced in the West End or on Broadway. Nevertheless, it nothing short of revolutionary, even on disc - in this case, LPs. Without a doubt, in many ways, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR is the show that started it all - not only religious-based musicals as a viable theatrical subject, but the reign of Andrew Lloyd Webber as the world's topmost theatrical composer.

Originally released as a concept album in 1970, the first realization of the iconoclastic Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice score featured rock vocalists in many roles, including Ian Gillan of Deep Purple (and, later, Black Sabbath) and Murray Head. Additionally, vocalist Yvonne Elliman began her multi-project marriage with the musical beginning with the concept album, as well - she would later go on to star in the 1971 Broadway production as well as the 1973 feature film adaptation, directed by Norman Jewison. Yet, for many SUPERSTAR fans, the original 2 LP set is where the best version of the show will forever remain in the minds, hearts and ears - and, considering it was the top-selling album of 1971, it is and was certainly well-loved by the multitudes.

FLASH FRIDAY: Hey, JC! JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR Shines OnWhile Tom O'Horgan's visually stunning but concept-heavy Broadway premiere production was controversial and critically drubbed by many at the time, the seemingly perfunctory message and milieu of the show was much more than what it at first may appear to be - there is no question about it, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR rewrote the rules. Lloyd Webber's lacerating score, veering wildly from classical excess to rock debauchery to pop, funk, music hall and beyond, particularly when paired with Rice's acerbic and of-the-moment verbiage in the lyrics, allowed the final result to collectively create an astonishing amalgam overflowing with inspiration and power for any who witness it. Glorious, indeed, is JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR - now and always - and it endures to this day.

Bringing us up to the present day, a 2013 arena tour recently set much of the world afire with a series of sold-out dates across Europe and Australia, with a North American production just announced to entertain in 30 cities coming up this summer - showcasing SUPERSTAR reality show winner Ben Forster in the title role once again, alongside Incubus front man Brandon Boyd and Destiny's Child standout Michelle Williams. Additionally, *N SYNC's JC Chasez is set to essay the role of Pilate, while Johnnny Rotten himself plays Herod. Although the UK leg of the arena tour was filmed and recently released on DVD and Blu-ray, there is something particularly special and incomparable about seeing and hearing this score performed live - and, that very well could be a key to part of the persuasive power that this score commands, no matter what directorial concept and performance style imposed upon it.

With JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, the power and the glory is clear to see, hear and feel in every note and every word of the masterful score - on LP, CD, DVD, Blu-ray or live. Love it. Live it.

Hey, Sanna

Now, let's look at some of the most memorable JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR moments in the 40+ years since its inception.

First up, experience the overture as heard on the original concept album.

Next, see the original Broadway cast perform a medley on the 1972 Tony Awards.

Now, peruse the 2000 revival cast on that year's Tony Awards.

After that, take in the sights and sounds of the 2012 revival.

Preview a legendary scene from the popular 1973 movie musical version.

Glimpse the 2000 video version of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR.

View some select moments from an astounding 2012 international production - light sabers included!

Andrew Lloyd Webber discusses the new arena production.

Treat yourself to a look at the new arena tour.

Lastly, Michelle Williams sings a classic from the score in preparation for the new North American tour.

As a special bonus, check out MUPPET CHRIST SUPERSTAR - yes, you read that right - available to hear in full here.

So, what exactly is it about JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR that enraptures you and excites you the most? Is it the powerful way that the authors tell the story of Jesus Christ for a 20th and 21st century audience? Is it the unforgettable score? Is it the rich performance pieces within the show itself? Whatever your reason for loving it, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR is forever at the right hand of theatergoers looking for a score brimming with excitement, energy and unmistakable electricity. Amen.


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