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EXCLUSIVE: The Record: Issue 1 Gavin Creel




The Record: Issue 1 

The Record is a brand new column that gives Broadway performers an outlet to discuss their solo music. We love and support our favorite stage performers but this will be your first chance to really find out what their music is all about. You can learn about their CD's, concerts, influences, upcoming projects and much more.

Broadway performers are officially now on The Record.

Our first guest is Gavin Creel, a two time Tony nominee for HAIR and THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE. Creel was also seen in the 2004 Broadway Revival of LA CAGE AUX FOLLES, The Goodman Theatre/Kennedy Center production of BOUNCE, as well as HAIR and MARY POPPINS on the West End. 

In addition to his work in the theatre, Creel has built up a loyal fan base playing his original music to sold-out crowds across the country and at such New York hot spots as Irving Plaza, Joe's Pub, Symphony Space and Arlene's Grocery.  His debut pop album "GOODTIMENATION," and intimate follow-up EP, "Quiet," were both written and recorded with long time collaborator, Robbie Roth. is thrilled to announce that Creel is putting the finishing touches on his third studio album that will be released this spring! 

Gavin joins Seth Rudetsky to make his Provincetown concert debut next week as part of the Broadway At The Art House series, Saturday, August 27th at 9pm and Sunday, August 28th at 7:30pm.

Take a look what Gavin has to say about his music and what to expect on his exciting next album.



How did you begin creating music?

The radio. My record player. Mix tapes. Church choirs. School ensembles. Piano lessons. Screaming pop music in my bedroom. Going to see Janet and Billy and Elton in concert. Dreaming of stages across the world blasting my music.

How do you classify your music? What genre?

Epic pop because I come from the theatre, I think my music has a bit of story and theatricality and size to it.  I like big sound, big emotion, so…I call it epic.  I love listening to and creating music that makes your head dream and your body go. 

What are your influences?

Good beats, great hooks, sex in sound.  Anything that'll turn me on and not even in a dirty way (well, okay maybe sometimes). I'm influenced by sounds that get inside my gut-my feet-my hips.  EARLY: Whitney Houston, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Madonna, prince.  NOW: Beyonce, Mark Ronson, Gaga, Scissor Sisters, a lot of great pop producers.

What is your process in writing and creating your albums? 

I try to make each song I write and each album I create a snapshot of my life at that time.  Concentrate on the moment, see what moves me right then, and write about it.  Where I am now, is not where I was when I made GOODTIMENATION, but that is what makes the journey so fun to create and hopefully so great to listen to.  I'm growing up and I can hear it in my music.

How do you think you've grown as an artist from Goodtimenation to Quiet?

I keep reaching new highs, then falling down, getting up, making new mistakes, learning, and then growing some more.  I think most definitely my lyrics are more specific and have become freer.  My musical voice is getting clearer.  Overall, I think I'm creating my own sound in a way that really excites me. 

 What excites you the most about performing your original music?

I get to be me.  I get to say and sing what is on MY mind, not someone else's or some other character's.  Sometimes a good pop cover can sync up with what I want to communicate, but for the most part, to be able to create my message or my story, originally... there's nothing better.  

What do you hope people get from your music?

These things: Fire. Fun. Sex. Party. Passion. Heart. Drive. Imagination. Possibility. Creativity. Dance. Humor. Motion. Message. Need. Craving. Peace.  Yeah, if they could get all that… that'd be badass.

You are such a strong figure in the fight for equality, do you believe that music has a role and could affect change, if so do you include in your music?

The very first song on my very first record was a coming out song to my mother ("For Nancy"). Even though I wasn't officially out of the closet at the time, I realized, I have the opportunity to actually say something here with the first original sound I make.  I'm really proud that Robbie and I wrote that song and decided to have that be the first thing people heard.  I hope the noise that I continue to make, now almost six years later, calls out to people to believe and connect and get going with whatever their passion is.  Mine happens to be equal rights for all people, regardless of their sexual orientation or identity.

Do you draw from your experiences on Broadway?

I will say HAIR changed my life, clarifying for me what was and is important as an artist and as a person.  I feel very lucky to have had that experience, but the more I live and work, and the older I get, I feel less connected to what 'Broadway' is.  I love it, don't get me wrong and if it will have me again, I'll come back for a cool project, but I just don't identify as strongly with what the commercial theatre has become and where it seems to be heading.  

You have a concert coming up in Provincetown, Massachusetts what should the fans expect? 

I am a guest of Seth Rudetsky's so there will be much belting, much vibrato, much Broadway. For Seth, I will do all these things with great enthusiasm and happiness. 

You have been working on new CD, what can we expect and when will we get to hear it? 

My new album is coming out this spring and I recorded it in London with a new producer/songwriter, Ben Cullum.  We met while I was over there doing HAIR, but what was cool was that he had never seen me onstage in a musical or play before.  We were matched up by my music manager at the time and Ben just knew me as a singer/songwriter, not an actor.  So, our resulting collaboration has created something really new-exciting-fresh.  

Did you draw on any specific inspirations or influences on this new album?

I was really inspired by Ben's sound and aesthetic.  Besides being a great writer/producer, he is a house DJ and since I love great beats and dramatic music, the way he builds a track, pushing and pulling the listener through on a journey, really appealed to me and made my imagination go wild. 

People also always ask, "so who do you sound like" and up to now, I never knew what exactly to say.

This new record screams out "new George Michael" I just love him.  Always have.  So in 2012, I will be giving you some serious new jams.

Is there anybody you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Mark Ronson.  Yes please.

What can the fans look forward to in the next few months surrounding this album?

All I can say is, stay tuned.  For this new record, I am calling out to any and all of my fans to HELP me.  I have the greatest fans around. Truly. Loyal, kind, crazy, the best. This record is going to depend entirely on them to help get the music out as far as we all can get it.  I have no label, I have no management, and I have no fear.

WE will make a big noise with this record…TOGETHER.  I believe the music is good.  I believe my fans are kick ass.  We'll roll news out in the coming months, and then when the buds peek and the green starts to break through…a big ole, brand new, loud sound will rock it, from ALL OF US!  I can't wait….


To learn more about Gavin and his music please go here

To purchase his albums please follow this link

For tickets to Gavin's Provincetown concert this weekend please visit or call 508-487-9222.



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