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Empty Space
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EXCLUSIVE: Broadway's FIRST Binge Watch! BWW Premieres New Series, EMPTY SPACE; Watch All 9 Episodes Today!


BroadwayWorld is excited to exclusively bring you our newest, and first webseries that takes place in an actual theatre- Empty Space, and the Broadway world's first BINGE Watch! Empty Space is a love-letter to live theater, a nine-episode comedy that explores and glorifies the world of diehard thespians, those hardcore beasts of the theater who soldier on against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune because, after all, the show must go on.

In Empty Space: After an untimely accident, Orson Ripley, a scruffy but talented denizen of guerrilla theater, finds himself torn from his parking lot black-box and thrust into the world of the acerbic and autocratic Ian Kingsley, Artistic Director of the well-heeled Warner Grand Playhouse. But all is not well at the Warner Grand: a simmering feud between the cast and the crew flares up into open mutiny three days before "Romeo and Juliet" is set to open...

To launch the series, for the first time ever, BroadwayWorld is inviting you to watch the whole season binge-style. Below you can check out Episodes 1-9 (written and directed by Devon Armstrong, Twitter: @armstrongactual) at your own leisure!

Episode 1: All is not well at the Warner Grand Theater: a simmering feud between the cast and the crew flares up into open mutiny three days before "Romeo and Juliet" is set to open...

Episode 2: In search of a new Mercutio, Joanne drags Ian to a low-rent production of Shakespeare-in-the-parking-lot, where guerilla-theater denizens Jack and Orson struggle to save their sets from being turned into makeshift housing by the local crackheads.

Episode 3: As the new Mercutio, Orson realizes he's bitten off more than he can chew, finding himself both tormented by Ian and dragged into the middle of the cast/crew feud. But could a surprise meeting with Martina, the resident costume designer, turn a bud of love to a beauteous flower?

Episode 4: On a vengeful rampage, Kira returns fire on Bashkim for his psychological sabotage, and asserts dominance over Martina for messing with her new plaything, Orson.

Episode 5: Martina and Orson have a confrontation with an unexpected ending. Preview night ends with a bang as Bashkim exacts revenge on Kira-did he and the crew finally go to far? Ian is apoplectic.

Episode 6: The feud reaches a fever pitch outside the elephant doors. As Ian reaches the end of his rope, Bashkim, Milan and Orson find themselves tossed out in the street. They seek out Jack, who has made an inauspicious business decision that lands the trio in some hot...ash.

Episode 7: Kira struggles with the arrogant and talentless son of a board member, who has replaced Milan as Romeo. Martina and Joanne realize that Ian is in denial about the fact that the upcoming production is shaping up to be a catasrophe...Oh, and some Albanians with a blood feud are trying to track down Bashkim.

Episode 8: It's opening night! And everything is teetering on disaster. But Joanne has a plan to oust Ian's second-rate replacements and restore Milan, Ian and Bashkim to their rightful places. But Ian won't be made a fool of, especially now that the head of the theater's board, Carlylsle, is breathing down his neck.

Episode 9: Orson, Milan, Bashkim and Joanne, stage an all-out coup. But Ian isn't going down without a fight. Literally.

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