#BwayWorldFanArt Challenge of the Week: Your Favorite Character!

By: Jul. 07, 2020

There are some insanely talented Broadway artists out there! Check out their work from the Broadway Pride!

This week's theme is: Your Favorite Character!

The deadlines for the #BwayWorldFanArt challenges are Tuesdays at noon.

We'll be rounding up some of our favorite submissions each week and sharing them on our site and social channels!

Get to drawing!

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EXTRA EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT . . . Why he doesn't deserve her . . . She was the best of wives, best of women ? . It's official, tomorrow is the release of @hamiltonmusical on @disneyplus and I'm not sure how much longer I can wait for it, wait for it! . To celebrate I'm throwing a Hamilton Party with my family and I just knew I would never be satisfied until I made my version of #elizahamilton ? . I spent three days making this costume. I knew I wouldn't have time to order anything (and to be honest didn't trust it would even be here in time) so I headed to @joann_stores feeling hopeless but not ready to throw away my shot. I found a theatre poly ? type fabric and did my best to make an 18th century dress using that type of fabric ? . A huge thank you to the original designer @paultazewell for his brilliant designs and to @viscountessnyc and her many excellent Hamilton photos from stage and fittings! In the meantime check out the following accounts to see some truly epic Hamilton cosplays: @nimblenoor @ourshieldmaiden and @thenext.jeneration . . . #hamilton #hamiltoncosplay #hamiltonbroadway #disneyplus #elizaschuyler #historicalcostuming #broadwaycosplay #schuylersisters #hamiltoncostume #broadway #broadwaymusical #18thcenturyfashion #costuming #historiccostume #elizahamilton #elizahamiltoncosplay #cosplay #cosplaygirl #cosplayersofinstagram

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Our country was founded in acts of protest, rebellion and revolution. At its heart, the American dream is a beautiful one; "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." Until that dream is a reality for all, we will remain an imperfect union. The continued striving for a better, more compassionate, equal and truly free America is my wish on this day and every day. . This sketch was made in a darkened theater in the brief moments that I allowed myself to break my focus from the show in front of me. A year after I bought my ticket, I was finally sitting in the Broadway audience of Hamilton. It was early summer 2019, just a few weeks before Independence Day. I pulled out my sketchbook, thinking that perhaps, if my attention strayed, I might make a sketch or two. That moment of inattention never happened, instead I sat in rapt attention watching history unfold in every sense of the term. Hamilton, broke my heart with its brilliance. I don't know another way to say it. The show is a history lesson that enlivens the history of this country in a way that nothing I'd ever seen or read before had done. Even though you know how it ends (AMERICA, Duh) I felt for the first time the drama, the uncertainty, the unrest, the striving, the fortitude of the imperfect men and women who birthed this country. I couldn't sleep when I got home, I was too wound up from the creative excellence I had just experienced, and my mind was reeling to have seen the flat, stuffy characters I'd only read about in history books come to life before my very eyes. It ignited a patriotic spark - not one that blindly worships our country, but one that yearns - if imperfectly - for the promises we made in those grand founding documents to be fought for and protected by each one of us so that they may some day be truly realized for all.

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aoe?Lin-Manuel Miranda. MAESTRO. 2020.aoe? Digital. Procreate. • Please tag me if you post my work. Thanks! • . . . #art #artist #inspiration #digital #digitalart #procreateart #fanart #artistsoninstagram #linmanuelmiranda #Hamilton #hamiltonmusical #hamiltonfanart #hamiltonthemusical #hamilfilm #hamiltonfilm #disneyplus #broadway #BwayWorldFanArt

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a??i??a??i??#Hamilton is all about overcoming obstacles that life puts on our way. No one else will ever know the daily battles you fight in your mind, in your heart. To be where you are is a privilege, and I'm sure you fought hard to be there. If anybody talks sh** about your choices, remind yourself that they have no idea what you've been through. : : : a??i??a??i??@HamiltonMusical sparkled a fire inside my heart, and I hope it does the same with yours too. a??i??a??i?? : : ??"Eles saberão o que você superou?" @hamiltonmusical tem me empolgado demais com as letras cheias de frases fortes de superação e me encoraja a sair da cama e fazer arte. Muitas cores, muita energia sai de mim quando estou ouvindo as músicas, e ver o espetáculo visual pela primeira vez definitivamente foi um dos pontos altos de 2020. : : : : #broadway #hamiltonmusical #alexanderhamilton #hamilfilm #hamilart #linmanuelmiranda #hamiltonmemes #musicals #digitallettering #dearevanhansen #johnlaurens #musical #burlington #theatre #aaronburr #andpeggy #lafayette #bemorechill #handlettering #elizaschuyler #angelicaschuyler #lettering #musicaltheatre #herculesmulligan #digitalart #thomasjefferson #procreate #hamiltonbroadway #bhfyp

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Jes Tom To Bring One-Person Show LESS LONELY To Greenwich House Theater This Month Photo
Jes Tom To Bring One-Person Show LESS LONELY To Greenwich House Theater This Month

'Less Lonely' is an exciting and comedic Off-Broadway show written and performed by Jes Tom. It explores themes of sex, gender transition, and love in the face of the apocalypse. Directed by Em Weinstein and presented by Elliot Page, the show is currently in previews at the Greenwich House Theater. Opening night is on December 11.

Discover DanceWorks Colonial Christmas Performance MAGGOTS, MINUETS AND MERRY CONCEITS Photo
Discover DanceWorks Colonial Christmas Performance MAGGOTS, MINUETS AND MERRY CONCEITS

Discover DanceWorks presents Maggots, Minuets and Merry Conceits, a colonial Christmas performance featuring period dance, history, and educational programs. Experience elegant social dances, popular songs of 18th Century America, and informative readings. Join us at the Franklin County 11/30 Visitors Center in Chambersburg for this free event. Light refreshments will be served. For more information, call 717.414.1166 or email DiscoverDanceWorks@gmail.com. Reserve your spot by registering here.

Cast Announced For The Australian Premiere Of THE LEHMAN TRILOGY Photo
Cast Announced For The Australian Premiere Of THE LEHMAN TRILOGY

The producers, the National Theatre and Neal Street Productions, in association with Trafalgar  Entertainment, announced today that Aaron Krohn, Howard W. Overshown and Adrian Schiller will play the Lehman brothers, and a cast of characters including their sons and grandsons, when the  critically acclaimed, five-time Tony Award winning production of The Lehman Trilogy premieres at the  Theatre Royal Sydney from 21 February 2024.  

Broadway Actress And Americas First Black Soap Opera Star Ellen Holly Has Died Photo
Broadway Actress And America's First Black Soap Opera Star Ellen Holly Has Died

Ellen Holly, the first Black person to have a lead role in daytime television, has passed away at 92. She was a theater actress, starred on Broadway, and was a published author. Her autobiography detailed her career and her historic Black family.



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