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BroadwayRadio Talks to Actor, Writer Ron Fassler about his New 'Historical Memoir' 'Up in the Cheap Seats' on 'Today on Broadway'

BroadwayRadio Talks to Actor, Writer Ron Fassler about his New 'Historical Memoir' 'Up in the Cheap Seats' on 'Today on Broadway'

On a special holiday episode of "Today on Broadway" actor and writer Ron Fassler discusses his new memoir and theatre history book "Up in the Cheap Seats: A Historical Memoir of Broadway."

Starting when he was 12 years old, Fassler began venturing into New York City, usually on his own, to see Broadway shows every weekend. Over the next few years, he saw 400 plays and musicals, and wrote a review for every single one.

In his new book, not only does Fassler include a handful of those decades old reviews, but he also writes about the experience of seeing those shows by himself, and has conversations with 100 theatre professionals who were instrumental in the Broadway community at the time, from James Earl Jones to Mike Nichols to Hal Prince and more.

For more information on Ron Fassler and "Up in the Cheap Seats: A Historical Memoir of Broadway" visit the sites below.

Twitter: @Ron_Fassler
Buy the Book: Griffith Moon Publishing | Amazon

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In March of 2016, BroadwayRadio founder James Marino and BroadwayWorld's Matt Tamanini launched "Today on Broadway," the first and only daily, theatre news podcast.

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