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BroadwayGirlNYC's 2014 Tony Awards Drinking Game!

You've been asking for it, and here it is! BroadwayGirlNYC's 2014 Tony Awards Drinking Game! Join her ... if you dare!

1. Drink whenever someone refers to Idina Menzel as Adele Dazeem. Take another drink if someone says she's from Frozen instead of Wicked, Rent, or If/Then. (via @asinhendrix & @deidreneafsey)

2. Drink if Ramin Karimloo and Hugh Jackman have a Jean Valjean-off.

3. If someone makes a Breaking Bad reference to Bryan Cranston, it's time to drink and then make a little meth. Just kidding about the meth part.

4. Drink if (let's be honest...more like when) you cry when Carole King and Jessie Mueller share the stage together.

5. Drink if Jefferson Mays changes characters anytime OTHER than in a Gentleman's Guide performance.

6. Take a sip if Neil Patrick Harris is mentioned as a previous Tony Awards host. (via @TylerBarton27)

7. Drink if a reference to The Bridges of Madison County closing is made...and then proceed to cry your eyes out.

8. The first time a medley is performed, drink up! Advanced players may choose to drink at all subsequent medleys as well!

9. Drink if Andy Karl's handsomeness makes you blush at any point. (It's inevitable!)

10. Drink if a member of the Broadway Holy Trinity (Patti Lupone, Bernadette Peters, and Liza Minelli) makes an appearance. Belt out the highest note you can if all three show up!

11. If someone has a lifetime total of six Tony Awards by the end of the night (cough cough Audra), take a drink and then immediately feel unaccomplished in your own life.

12. Drink anytime a winner thanks an old drama teacher or vocal coach in their speech.

13. Take a shot if you catch yourself trying to dance along to After Midnight's performance. Twice if you attempt to tap dance.

14. Drink and pat yourself on the back anytime a winner thanks their fans!

15. Drink anytime you see someone in the audience take a selfie. (via @MariaTingstad)

16. Take a biiiiiiiig gulp if Neil Patrick Harris and Hugh Jackman do a duet. Take another sip if Neil does it in his Hedwig costume.

17. Drink anytime a winner spins the revolving piece of their Tony Award.

18. If someone trips on their way to the stage, you should probably take a drink.

19. Drink if a winner quotes their respective Broadway show in their acceptance speech.

20. Drink if someone makes a speech longer than Cicely Tyson's Tony speech last year. (Get your timers ready -- it was 2 minutes and 35 seconds!)

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