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Join the UCLA Department of Theater Summer Institutes for a transformative experience that will allow students to expand their creative horizons in every way. Artists will train with world-renowned faculty and build a foundation in their chosen area of study while learning the art of networking. For more information, visit our website, where you'll find registration, program schedules and more.

Dolann Adams, UCLA Department of Theater's Director of Special Programs, answers your questions.

What are the Summer Institutes and what sets these intensives apart from other college and pre-college programs?

The UCLA Department of Theater Summer Institutes are two- and three-week intensive programs that give high school and college students the opportunity to gain top-notch training from one of the best college theater programs in the country (Go Bruins!). We offer a conservatory experience that nurtures the individual artist while working collaboratively with others. Our undergraduate programs have a large focus on creating a strong ensemble and we strive to establish a similar environment for our visiting college and high school students.

Video: BACK TO THE FUTURE Company Is Getting Ready for Broadway

What programs do you offer?

This summer we are bringing back our extremely popular pre-college summer institutes in...

-Acting and Performance
-Camera Acting
-Content Creation and Scriptwriting
-Costume Design
-Musical Theater
-Stage Management
-Voice-over and Camera Acting (college and pre-college)

And BRAND NEW in 2023 we are adding...

  • Lighting and Sound Design Innovation - This program provides opportunities to work with our distinguished faculty in classes such as Introduction to Lighting Intensity, Form, and Direction; Electrics Programming, and Drafting for Theater. The combination of these courses will allow students to use the training to bring stories to life through their designs.
  • Scenic Design Innovation - A conservatory-style program for students interested in scenic design for theater, film, and television. This program provides opportunities to work with our distinguished faculty in classes such as Introduction to Scenic Design and Scale Drafting; Production Design for Theater, Film and Television, and Storyboarding. Students will learn the design process for scenic design for theater and be introduced to production design. They gain hands-on experience such as model-building, perspective drawing, and scale measurement as means of realizing a design.

Video: BACK TO THE FUTURE Company Is Getting Ready for Broadway

What about the past three years has influenced your institutes?

Throughout the past three years, we have observed the unprecedented changes that the world has faced. The entertainment industry has had to evolve and we have adapted our institutes to ensure that our students are prepared to work and meet these new expectations.

Despite the great impact COVID-19 has had on our global community, we have had the opportunity to see students use their talents and innovation to achieve their goals through established, transformative and proven training techniques. These artists have created work that demonstrates resilience and a commitment to their craft.

What can students expect?

Students will actively engage in various types of classes and industry workshops, from singing and Latin dance to technology, screenwriting, lighting and scenic design, portfolio creation and voice-over work. They will develop a broad range of new skills pertaining to their craft. For example, actors will write and create new content while learning how to edit their own recorded auditions, and costume designers will examine the process of costume design from script to performance.

Video: BACK TO THE FUTURE Company Is Getting Ready for Broadway

Do students have to audition to take part? Do they need to be at a certain skill level before classes begin?

Yes, an audition is required for the Acting and Performance, Camera Acting, Musical Theater, and Voice-over and Camera Acting Theater Summer Institutes. All students are encouraged to apply, regardless of skill level. Our faculty is prepared to challenge every student and provide the additional training needed to elevate their craft.

Why should college and pre-college students take part in a program like this?

The UCLA Department of Theater Summer Institutes provide a safe space that allows students to create, grow artistically and collaborate while earning college credit that is transferable to universities across the country. Our instructors are committed to developing and encouraging every student so that they learn and feel empowered to make artistic choices grounded in authenticity within an experiential learning environment.

Video: BACK TO THE FUTURE Company Is Getting Ready for Broadway

Do you have more questions? Interested in technical theater opportunities or pit orchestra experience for the Musical Theater Summer Institute?

Please join us for a Q&A on Monday, Feb. 27th 2023 at 3:00 pm PST to learn more about our institutes. Click this link to register or email Dolann Adams at Follow us on Instagram and TikTok at @ucla_tsi.



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