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BWW TV Exclusive: Funnyman Kenny Solms Opens Up About His New Memoir- BITS!


Award-winning comedy writer (co-creator of "The Carol Burnett Show") Kenny Solms featured in detailed interview supporting the release of his memoir "Bits."

Anne Frank wrote her diary. A yawn. Alex Haley wrote about his roots. A snooze. The Bible. What a bore! But what do all these have in common? That's obvious. They're not funny and the people they wrote about aren't current. Where's Bieber? Jolie? Beyoncé? That's who people want to read about and laugh about. Celebrities! And not written by the celebrities themselves. What do they know? If they were smart, they wouldn't have become celebrities in the first place. Who really knows their stories?

It's the writer! The guy who was there in the trenches, the guy who made them famous in the first place. Actors and actresses didn't write their lines. It was the writer!

In "Bits," Solms recalls his hysterically funny journey through his days of writing jokes for comedians, his trip through the golden age of television and his risky travels down Broadway.

"I wish Kenny was this funny when I was paying him." - Carol Burnett

The "Bits" Bundle is now available exclusively at Now through December 15, use discount code broadwayworld for 15% off all orders. Below, check out an interview with the man himself!

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