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BWW Readers Name Their Weirdest Theatre Experiences!

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We asked, and you delivered! We recently asked BroadwayWorld readers to name the weirdest theatre experiences they've either seen on stage or experienced while performing. Now we've gathered some of the standout answers for you to enjoy, with experiences from shows including Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Newsies, If/Then, and more. Check it all out below!

@elizabethevaliz on Instagram - "Getting hit in the eye with toilet paper role by Fester in The Addams Family"

@bannatyne_14 on Instagram - "Almost fell into the orchestra pit"

@tali.socks on Instagram - "A guy fell asleep on my shoulder and I didn't know what to do about it"

@bennyandthejess on Instagram - "Lead fired a day before opening, but one of our ensemble had secretly memorized all his lines!"

@e_kamin on Instagram - "having to quick change on the boys bathroom. not ideal."

@justboringbella on Instagram - "Got cursed by Macbeth: several injured, someone getting SICK sick, tech issues, etc."

@caroline_odom16 on Instagram - "Elsa's mic pack got ripped off her dress in the middle of her chafe scene at my theatre"

@mollydibb on Instagram - "When I saw Les Mis, the girl in front of me was waving her hands like she was a conductor"

@_mylesofsmiles_ on Instagram - "I sprained my ankle by falling into a baptismal pond while rehearsing for The Lion King"

@claricuqui on Instagram - "In Annie, my pants ripped off during a dance number so I used them as a scarf"

@jamieb_broadway on Instagram - "Music Man, Norm Lewis restarted Trouble due to forgetting the lyrics"

@frankiearanguren on Instagram - "When I was in Annie, I fell asleep in my bunk bed at the top of the show"

@ariana_aray on Instagram - "My hook fell off my hand during Peter Pan! (I was Captain Hook)"

@karina.isabelle1 on Instagram - "Right as the show started, my nose started bleeding, so I stuffed a tissue in my pig nose"

@summer_8125 on Instagram - "one time, I was in a production of Mamma Mia, and the woman playing Rosie forgot her lines"

@savannah_leigh_ on Instagram - "I found a rubber chicken in my seat before a community production of West Side Story."

@idratherbme on Instagram - "School's soundboard was broken, so we had to play sound cues from backstage"

@itsmehannahryan on Instagram - "There was a drunk girls when I saw Hamilton"

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