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Staying Fit While Staying In
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BWW Exclusive: Try a Full Bodyweight Workout from Mark Fisher Fitness Trainer Harold Gibbons!


Your fitness doesn't have to hit PAUSE while sheltering in place, so we're teaming up with Mark Fisher Fitness and Harold Gibbons to offer you a bodyweight workout to get your fitness fix. Today we have a minimalist workout for some full-body functional strength!

Take 3-4 minutes for a quick warm-up to get prepared: Belly Lift Breathing for 60 seconds helps us set our intentions for the workout and reset our nervous system - it's like the calm before the storm. Then, the Spiderman Lunge with Rainbow Reach and Hip Lift helps you stretch your legs, hips, and shoulders, while the Wiggle Butt helps you warm-up your hips and find your inner thigh muscles to prepare for one of today's exercises. They include:

Half-Kneeling Chop

The half-kneeling chop is one of my favorite exercises to combine hip, core, and shoulder stability. Shifting a weight diagonally from your open hip to the opposite shoulder teaches our body to resist tipping over and twisting as we navigate moving an object through space. A light load such as a kettlebell popcorn, or a puppy is all you need to train the muscles of your hips, core, and shoulders.

Single Leg Deadlifts

The Single Leg Deadlifts, or SLDL for short, take advantage of the stability of the chop to help us train the hinge pattern in single leg stance. The goal is to sit slightly sideways into our hip, and get in touch with the arch of our foot, inner thigh (adductors), side booty, and obliques to hold us there. From there, moving relatively slowly is the key to a steady single leg dead lift!

Breath Cycle Push-Up

We did these last week, and I love them so much that we're keeping them because repetition is the mother of learning. The goal is to fully exhale in the plank position, and then do the push-up before inhaling. It may feel unnatural or uncomfortable at first, but it's beneficial for teaching you how to use your diaphragm as an essential part of your core muscles. This is fitness' version of breath support!

Our goal is to move mindfully and make each rep as precise as possible - aim for 8-10 reps per exercise, and remember that we're focusing on quality over quantity. 2-5 rounds should take between 15-30 minutes and give you a great chance to strengthen your muscles and build mind|body connection.

Bonus tip: If you've been doing home workouts that are longer than this - and if you are, good for you - you can use this as at the end of your warm-up to help establish that mind|body connection and movement quality before moving on to the parts of the workout where you're more focused on quantity of reps!

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