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BWW EXCLUSIVE: CARRIE's On the Way Back to Broadway

This afternoon I had the pleasure of speaking to Lesley Gore, the iconic 60s pop star and legendary recording artist of "It's My Party", "You Don't Own Me" and more, who will be appearing in MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET for one night only on Friday night, September 24, 2010. In our discussion we touched upon the work her brother Michael Gore , the accomplished Oscar-winning songwriter best known for FAME and FOOTLOOSE, has been doing on his 1980s musical version of the Stephen King novel and Brian De Palma film CARRIE. Gore exclusively confirms to BroadwayWorld that plans are indeed afoot to bring CARRIE back to Broadway in a big, beautiful, brilliant new way with a slew of new songs! Be sure to check out the complete SOUND OFF SPECIAL INTERVIEW with Lesley Gore coming later this month!

PC: Tell me about writing "Out Here On My Own" from FAME with your brother Michael Gore. That is destined for GLEE.

LG: I've got a lot to tell you! First off, Michael had an opportunity to write some original music [for FAME]. He literally played me the melody for the ballad that became "Out Here On My Own" and when I heard him playing it in his living room with just him playing the piano and kind of humming the melody, I heard the title in my head and I said to him, "You know, give me a couple of days on that. Let me see if I can write that," and I had read the script so I sort of knew what we had to say.

PC: Tell me about Michael bringing CARRIE back to Broadway.

LG: Well, Pat, you'll be happy to know that Michael is in the process of bringing CARRIE back to life in a kind of new incarnation.

PC: Oh, I know and I love the improvements. Actually, earlier today, I interviewed Preston Sadleir who was in the workshop. It's fate for you to give me this scoop! I love, love, love the new version. Is it coming back to Broadway?

LG: I believe they are going to try, yes. I believe they are going to do it with Bernie Telsey. They are heading in for, I think, another reading and then I think they are then going to go into production.

PC: They've done amazing work. It's one of the great lost scores.

LG: And I know that they've spent a lot of time rewriting. Dean [Pitchford, the lyricist] has been in a lot over the summer. They've rewritten the entire second act. They've put a lot of work into it!

PC: And it shows!

LG: And they've marked that time out, they expect to be in and stay in New York for the workshops. It's gonna be a go!

PC: No way! CARRIE is coming back to Broadway!

LG: I've got my fingers crossed, I'm sure it's going to be wonderful.

PC: All the Broadway fans cannot wait for this.

LG: They won't have to wait much longer!


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