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BWW Daily Drama - Introducing the Revamped Broadway AM Report for 2017

It's a new year and a new dawn for BroadwayWorld! We're revamping our daily drama digest - the Broadway AM Report - with some new sections for 2017. Scroll down for a peek at what we'll be brewing for you each morning, and check out today's report HERE!

It's the news as usual with "Today's Call Sheet" and "News You Missed Yesterday" because why mess with a good thing? We'll bring you the the day's big events, plus any major Broadway updates you didn't catch from the day (or weekend) before.

We'll also continue to showcase photographer Walter McBride's "mug shots" of the stars getting their daily BWW fix. Check out this morning's sultry gem with IN TRANSIT's James Snyder!

A new "BWW Exclusive" section will shine a spotlight on a piece of our original content - an article, interview, podcast, or video series - from the day before.

We're freshening up our "Quote of the Day" section with a daily theme:

- #MotivationalMonday (sage advice from a stage star)
- #GivingTuesday (more about a Broadway-related charity or benefit happening each week)
- #WednesdayWisdom (a quote from a play, playwright or composer, or lyrics from a musical)
- #ThrowbackThursday (a photo or video from the Broadway archives)
- #FridayFunday (general silliness from our team or a Broadway celebrity)

The weather report is making way for "Set Your DVR..." We'll make sure you never miss a Broadway-related TV appearance again!

Our "What we're geeking out over" section will focus on content only a true theatre nerd (so ALL of our readers, obviously) would pay attention to. From viral videos to obscure Broadway fan art - you name it, we'll share it!

Upcoming stage-related films, cast recordings, books and more will take center stage in the "What we're watching (or reading, or listening to)" section.

"Social Butterfly" will feature one of our favorite, recent posts from a Broadway star on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

And, of course, we'll keep wishing theatre folks a "Happy Birthday" - and many more!

Have something you'd like to know each morning about the big, wide Broadway world? If we aren't covering it - let me know on Twitter @jessthekhan. We're always looking for new ways to connect, inform and have fun!

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