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BWW Blog: Whee Tell the Story - Preparing for Another Busy Day

Hey y'all (oh goodness I say y'all now, what has the south done to me?!) We're currently over a full week in, and the work is escalating at a stressful but manageable level. Right now, I'm in Bre's room doing homework after an endless day.

At 3:00AM this morning, I got a phone call and knock at my door from Bre who was having severe abdominal pain and needed someone to drive her to the hospital. I got dressed and walked to the freshman lot to bring her car to the dorm, texting my voice teacher, Miss D that I might be late to our lesson. We somewhat frantically drove to the nearest hospital and got her all checked in. I'd never been to an ER in recent memory, but luckily, I had a fair amount of experience watching Grey's Anatomy (I'm such trash oh dear). Five hours and a kidney infection later, we arrived back to campus. With my white peppermint mocha (this is the most basic thing I've ever written I'm so sorry), I got back to my dorm, changed into a leotard and tights, and rushed over to Coulter for my first voice lesson of the semester.

Miss D is a wonderful human and has been a mentor to me throughout my time at Western so far. Our personalities go very well together since we both take work very seriously while also keeping a positive attitude. We discussed feedback from my Fall semester juries and began working on "Moonfall" from The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Although I felt like the death, it was great to get back to work on my voice after a month of individual work.

Today also included my first Ballet class in a very long time, since last week's class was canceled for the snow day. We did some conditioning and learned some basic technique/how to hold ourselves. It was the opposite of tap, but was relaxing and it was lovely to do something slightly more chill. I canceled my dance tutoring with Alexa because I was about to pass out from my morning adventures with Bre and needed to be in my bed ASAP.

Before I could return to my room, I had Musicianship 2 with Bryan McAdams, who is an interim professor and is leaving at the end of the year, but is an epic guy and the frosh all feel so lucky to have been his one and only musicianship class. We're learning how to write Major Scales, which isn't exceedingly difficult for me since the circle of fifths was drilled into me by my advisor Marisa Green in 10th grade. After class, Bryan pulled me aside and told me that I can be his music assistant for Spring Awakening! Ah! Yay! I'm pumped to get to work with him some more while he's still here! After this awesome news, I returned to my dorm and flopped in my bed for a nice two hour nap.

So, now I'm here in Bre's room listening to show tunes, doing homework, and getting noise complaints from the next door neighbor from singing "Not Getting Married Today" too loudly, preparing for another busy day tomorrow. I'm including some pictures from my weekend at the Women's March in Asheville, enjoy the theatre puns!

BWW Blog: Whee Tell the Story - Preparing for Another Busy Day

BWW Blog: Whee Tell the Story - Preparing for Another Busy Day

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