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BWW Blog: So Long, Farewell - A Tribute to Christopher Plummer

A tribute to Christopher Plummer.

BWW Blog: So Long, Farewell - A Tribute to Christopher Plummer

"I'm insatiably ambitious." -Christopher Plummer

From a Nazi flag shredder to an ingenious author. Christopher Plummer was an iconic legend.

He also happened to be my very first celebrity crush, Captain von Trapp will forever hold my heart.

In honour of my love and admiration for him, here are my favourite facts and moments that are my vision of Christopher Plummer.

1. Christopher Plummer and Dick Van Dyke

Two of my favourite movies of all time. The very first movies I remember ever watching: The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins. Both of which star Queen Julie Andrews. But did you know Julie's two legendary icons share a birthday.

Just like the amazing coincidence that is Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Weber sharing a birthday.

Beloved Bert, Dick Van Dyke and Captivating Captain von Trapp share a birthday.

Got to love these miraculous coincidences.

2. His name

Like many actors, Christopher Plummer opted to use his second name instead of his first name. As amazing as his name is and has become. His first name is so fitting for the icon, Arthur. The name means "bear" which I feel is fitting because Plummer looked like he would give the BEST "bear hugs". But more famously Arthur is associated with some of the historic people. Arthurian legends: King Arthur, Arthur Miller and tennis player, Arthur Ashe.

3. Nationality

This one is probably ver obvious but I remember when I found out I was shooketh, to the core!

But Christopher Plummer was Canadian. Love to see it!

He was awarded Companion of Canada. Which is the Canadian version of Order of the British Empire.


Christopher Plummer was one award away from being an EGOT winner.

Obviously, he had a Tony. Such an icon of the stage. He won an Oscar at the age of 81. He also received a Primetime Emmy for his voice over work on Madeline. But despite his nomination in 1986, he never won a Grammy.

I could go on forever but all we need to know is the Sound of Music was one of the very first movies I can remember watching. Captain von Trapp was the beginning of a very long list of celebrity crushes. And Knives Out had the extra touch of sparkle when people came to the realization it was Captain von Trapp playing the multimillionaire author, Harlan Thrombey. I've watched the movie numerous times and I've watched about 7 people look and me and be like:


A man of many talents. An icon. A legend. A man for the history books and a man who will be severely missed.

Thank you, Christopher Plummer for being my first love and for all the wonders you've created. May you rest peacefully in your well-deserved honour.

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