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BroadwayWorld, so much to tell you! First, I'll start with what's happening this week. On Thursday, 2/13, the cast is heading to Broadway Sessions. Yippee hooray! "What's Broadway Sessions?" Thanks for asking, friend. Let me tell you all about it. The wonderfully talented, Ben Cameron, hosts a variety hour/open mic on Thursday evenings at the Laurie Beechman. It usually features certain performers from the musical theatre world and this week, we're up! The "Disaster!" cast will be there after our show, and we hope you'll come hang out with us (and even get in on the fun and sing too!). Head for all of the info. If you really love us, you'll come to Disaster! at 7pm and then continue the fun by heading down the street to the Beechman.

Next up for this week's events, Tuesday night! My Bravo network dreams are coming true courtesy of Stacey Oristano who is going to be the guest bartender on "Watch What Happens Live" with Andy Cohen! I'm obsessed with Bravo/Real Housewives Of Anywhere/Shahs of Sunset/Insert all of their other shows, so when Stacey told me I can come with her to the Bravo Mecca, she instantly became my favorite cast member (sorry, "Disaster!" peeps. You're all still cool, just not as cool as Stacey. I'm sure you understand. Love you!!!!).

Last bit of upcoming fun, new cast members! David Hibbard joined the madness last week as sleazy casino owner, Tony Delvecchio. He had a total of seven hours of rehearsal and nailed it!!! 1000 points for David. This week Judy Gold and Max Crumm are hopping on the Barracuda as Shirley and Scott. Judy starts on Monday and Max's first show is on Valentine's Day. Awwww/barf because I hate Valentine's Day #singlegirlproblems #stillpumpedforMax'sfirstshow

Now a bit about what happened last week, specifically last Friday. It was a "Disaster!" filled day which started with an audition. I ran into my cast mate/partner in crime, Maggie McDowell, which made the awkwardness that is auditioning so much more fun! The stress and nerves just melt away when you're giggling with your buddy. We tried to take a selfie but "Disaster!" has ruined us. We only know how to strike our show's signature "disaster pose" when we're photographed together. Cut to showtime that evening. We had an amazing audience who stuck around for a post-show talk back blah blah blah, but here's the fun part: after that, the cast/crew/audience was invited to theatrical institution and Broadway watering hole, Sardi's! The whole night was organized by the amazing Philip S. Birsh. He is the man in charge of all of those Playbills we collect and love when we go to fabulous shows. Everyone got to mingle over beverages and treats. One of the cast members who made it out was Annie Golden. Allow me to gush for a moment. Annie Golden is a musical theatre angel! You will never meet anyone as sweet, genuine, and positive as Annie. We'll really miss her on and off stage but she has exciting things happening this year, including Season 2 of "Orange Is The New Black." Guys, I tried and failed. I have zero spoilers for you...Miss Golden's lips are sealed!

Alright, it's time for me to leave you. But here's a recap of what's happening this week:
-Monday, Judy Gold debuts as Shirley.
-Tuesday, Stacey Oristano is sassing it up on "Watch What Happens Live" with my future bestie, Andy Cohen.
-Thursday, we'll be singing our faces off at Broadway Sessions!
-Friday, avoid Valentine's Day by cheering for Max Crumm in his first performance as Scott.

Maggie and I doing a disaster pose in a real life setting. We can't help it.

Maggie and I doing a disaster pose in a real life setting. We can't help it.

We'll miss you Annie!

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