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BWW Blog: Ryan Bauer-Walsh of Goodspeed's LMNOP - Final Thoughts


Hey Broadway World Readers!

This is my final blog entry to you - thank you for joining me on this journey from a bar in New York, to East Haddam and back to New York City. Goodspeed's LMNOP has taken me on quite an adventure.

I think we as actors are forced not to take anything for granted. The opportunity to live as artists is something we cannot be given-- it is something that must be waged.

Every day we wake up and choose to continue making things, finding new things, being just vulnerable enough to be excited about waking up at 6 am for that Equity line, to belt 8 bars, and to hope. Hope there might be a chance that you'll get that part, or be a big star, or maybe just get your health insurance weeks. But every day, every day we wake up and place our bets- on ourselves.

I started working professionally as an actor when I was 15 years old. It wasn't purely out of joy or want, in fact I'll say it was mostly out of necessity. Growing up in the suburban sprawl of the western Twin Cities- half way to corn as tall as buildings and to buildings tall as corn, I was bullied constantly for being-- to put it more diplomatically than I need or than it deserves, soft.

It got pretty bad my freshman year of high school, and I was looking for anything to throw myself into where I wouldn't get thrown into anything- including, primarily lockers and or trash cans. Ha!

Theatre took me from a shy child with absolutely no mind for memorizing what day it was, let alone a poem, sonnet or song - I would just make them up as I went along - to an adult that loves text, and relationships and yes, memorizing. See? It gets better. ;-)

Theatre has allowed me to travel to Israel and China (a story for another day) and to most of northern Europe and almost every single state in the union.

I have loved traveling, but coming back to Goodspeed was an opportunity for me, after so much time and travel, to feel like I was home.

I can't tell you what wonderful good it does you to bring something full circle. But it's a bit like reading a wonderful novel and having no idea how it could possibly end well, and then everything gets wrapped up perfectly. It feels good, like reading Emma or something similar.

I have always firmly believed that if you jump the net will appear. I have set my wager, now it is simply time to get up and go.

I mean, I got a job from randomly meeting someone at a bar while on a date (apparently YouTube videos are pretty useful!) Though to be sure, an audition is a much more likely place for you to find work-no matter what just get up and go. Go somewhere, go anywhere and it could go very, very well. And speaking of going well, here are a few more shots from my Actor's Garden - fruitful and strong.

(Look at all those beans!)

I want to add that I have had a great time talking to all the readers of this blog, answering questions and talking about the process, and I hope you all continue to stay excited about theatre! I send you all the best wishes, and wish you many wonderful experiences in theatre in the future.

Also, if you have any questions about working as an actor, I check in from time to time to see readers questions and comments and I look forward to yours!

Till soon or till then,


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From This Author Guest Blogger: Ryan Bauer-Walsh

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