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BWW Blog: Nicolas Dromard of JERSEY BOYS Tour - Travel Day


It's Monday! Which means it's either a day off or a travel day, and since we had been lucky to be in Salt Lake City for a couple of weeks, today is a travel day to Little Rock, Arkansas.

Since the distance between Salt Lake and Little Rock is pretty far, we had a Friday matinee in Salt Lake and no Sunday night show (the usual tour schedule is evening shows Tuesday through Friday with 2 shows Saturday and Sunday) so that the tour could load out right after the 1 p.m. matinee and get in the trucks and make its way to Little Rock, Arkansas.

Last night I discovered the new app "Vine" which is a new social networking, kind of like Instagram, but with videos! It's pretty fun and all videos have a max of like 7 seconds. What's amazing is how creative people can get with these videos. I invite you to explore and also follow me to see what kind of shenanigans happen on travel days and behind the scenes of this tour. I must warn you: I'm a cheesy guy with cheesy jokes. You have been warned.

I'm excited to get to Arkansas because in 2003 I had the pleasure of playing the role of Tulsa in the Arkansas Repertory Theatre's production of Gypsy, and I stayed there for a couple of months. I have many friends there and so it's nice to return 10 years later with this show. We are sadly only there for one week, but that is still plenty of time to rediscover my old haunts (Flying Saucer) and discover new places.

I also want to note the incredible talent that we have in this show. Not only do all cast members shine in their multitude of roles, but they shine in their understudy assignments as well! John Rochette, who usually plays Norm and other roles, was on all week as Nick Massi. We had a blast both onstage and off, and it was great to discover new moments on stage.

Watch out Little Rock. Jersey Boys is coming!

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