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BWW Blog: Kicking Into High Gear

BWW Blog: Kicking Into High Gear

Ah Hi! The semester is definitely beginning to kick into high gear! I've had an assessment in almost all of my classes over the past week, and Spring Awakening rehearsals start this upcoming Monday. Even with all of the stress, this week has been significantly better than last, maybe because I got over my sickness for the most part, maybe because my Mom came to visit for the weekend so I got a nice break from being responsible for myself. On Monday, I had my first voice lesson in two weeks because of being sick, and it was wonderful to get some quality time with Miss D. We learned the pronunciation for the third verse of my French art song, "Le Papillon et la fleur", which was tedious but very worth it because I feel significantly better about it. French is hard. I talked to my friend/fellow freshman MT Rachel, and she agreed to play classical guitar for my other Spanish art song. We actually might do it for the freshman showcase in addition to my duet with Alaina. Being productive has put me in a great mood, so I'm set for the grind leading up to spring break.

Tuesday night was the Senior Thesis performances, and oh goodness they were fabulous as expected. Each senior BFA MT and Acting major was given 8 minutes, including duets/scenes. It was inspiring to see all the people we look up to do their thing. The way it was arranged was so that every song/monologue transitioned smoothly into the next. What a great show it just made me want to go practice for a few good hours (I didn't because it ended at 10:30PM and I'm a grandmother).

This morning started with going to the Stage and Screen office to begin my duties as Music Assistant, which involved a lot of copying and hole punching scores for note taking. I still have to finish that tonight, which will be a nice break from the rest of my homework. From there I headed to breakfast for my daily sugar waffle (so healthy, I know) and then right on to Health and Wellness. Wednesday is physically my hardest day because I have a total of three hours of exercise from Health and Wellness, Ballet, and Tap dance tutoring with Marthaluz. After my first ballet quiz, which went fairly well, the freshman class met for a Freshman Showcase meeting. We're planning it on our own, and honestly, I love getting to spend time together as a group outside of class. We decided on "A New World" from Songs for a New World as our MT group number and divided up solos smoothly, ah I'm super excited to sing with them for the first time. Kathryn, our resident grandmother since she's technically in our grade but is older and significantly more mature than all of us children, is decent at the piano so she's going to accompany us for the group. I have high hopes for this showcase, it'll be in between Spring Awakening and the Spring Dance Showcase.

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