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BWW Blog: Eric Ulloa of Goodspeed's THE MOST HAPPY FELLA - In My Own Little Corner

Every Golden Age Musical, despite it's brilliance, has a bit of a formula. A key ingredient is the addition of a big dashing baritone to swoon the crowds with romantic ballads. In our case, we get one who can't sit still and feels the need to wander from place to place...and complicate plot lines. And playing and singing it beautifully is, our very own "Joe", Douglas Carpenter. Now, Doug is a pretty quiet guy backstage (in fierce opposition to the overwhelming noise of the ensemble men's dressing room...mostly my own doing), but when he opens his mouth onstage to croon out one of Loesser's classics, it's a pretty awesome thing.

Doug Carpenter

Eric Ulloa: When did you discover you had "your voice"? When did it all click in?

Douglas Carpenter: I was actually a boy soprano up until sophomore year of high school. Over the summer I showed up to audition for the arts magnet school in Vegas and sang for the teachers. I can remember being a little surprised by the voice that was suddenly coming out of my body, and when they told me I was a baritone I argued with them. Needless to say they were right. I went to college for voice, and I truly believe that 95% of what I do is technique and learning (not natural talent). I didn't really solidify my technique till I was almost 24.

EU: If failure wasn't an option, what would you do? That is to say, instead of being in this profession?

DC: Unlike a lot of performers my dream doesn't end on Broadway. I have always planned on being a teacher. Ultimately I'd like to teach voice at a University or privately and perform on the side for fun. If I wasn't performing, I would almost certainly be a financial analyst of some sort. I love finances and investing. It's been very helpful with the uncertainty and financial strain involved with this career.

Lawry's Prime Rib

EU: Seeing that you're quite a good cook (ladies, take note), what would your last meal be? What would Joeys' be?

DC: I'd probably want to go to Lawry's Prime rib for a huge Prime Rib. They were open in 1953, so if he could afford it, I'm sure it would be on his list too. However he would be equally happy with a couple of wheat thins and old cheese on a toothpick - that's my diet in the show!

EU: What would be your "dream" role of the opposite sex be?

DC: Maria in West Side Story. It's great singing and that final monologue is killer.

Doug as Maria - "I feel...pretty?!?"

EU: Music wise, what's your pre-show playlist? Which songs that get you geared up for a show?

DC: I'm actually a closet fan of Electronic music. I love some heavy bass and dance music to get pumped. I've been listening to a lot of dubstep and progressive music. Specifically anything by Zedd, Krewella or Adventure Club.

Doug Carpenter with Bill Nolte in The Most Happy Fella. Photo by Diane Sobolewski

Hope you all enjoyed getting to know Doug. I seem to have zoned out during the mention of his last meal and cannot get the idea of a delicious prime rib out of my head.

Anyways, come back at the end of the week to hear about all of the great offstage fun we've been having, including one of our own getting MARRIED!

Have a great week readers!

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