BATHTUBS OVER BROADWAY Documentary Original Soundtrack Out Now

BATHTUBS OVER BROADWAY Documentary Original Soundtrack Out Now

The soundtrack for Focus Features' award-winning, feel-good documentary, Bathtubs Over Broadway is out today!

The soundtrack to the award-winning documentary features rare, original cast recordings from the golden age of industrial musicals, as depicted throughout the film.

Many of these vintage tracks have never been made commercially available and have been restored from their original vinyl recordings by mastering engineer Reuben Cohen of Lurssen Mastering. The soundtrack is available today on all digital streaming platforms, and a vinyl configuration is planned for the fall.

Bathtubs Over Broadway tells the story of Steve Young, a comedy writer for David Letterman who stumbles upon a secret musical world starring tractors and bathtubs and finds an unexpected connection to his fellow man. While gathering music for a segment on Letterman's show, Young unearthed some bizarre and hilarious cast recordings marked 'internal use only'. These albums revealed full-fledged Broadway-style musical shows about some of the most recognizable corporations in America. The film, which features appearances by Chita Rivera, Martin Short, Jello Biafra and many more, follows Young's quest to uncover all he can about this hidden world. While tracking down rare albums, unearthing unseen footage, and rediscovering composers and performers, Young forms unlikely friendships and discovers how this discarded musical genre was bigger than Broadway.

The film's director/producer/co-writer and soundtrack co-producer Dava Whisenant (Winner, Best New Documentary Director at Tribeca Film Festival), explains "it was fascinating to me that these songs, which were never meant for the public and which had very specific lyrics about selling tractors & insurance, could also be used to tell Steve's story. It certainly speaks to the talents of the original songwriters that their work stands up so beautifully and could transcend its original purpose to tell this very human story." The film's co-writer/co-producer and soundtrack co-producer Ozzy Inguanzo goes on to say, "this music is such an integral part of our film's story and Steve's journey, and I'm so proud that we're finally able to present all of these songs in their hilarious and wonderful entirety!"

Young adds, "if ten years ago someone had told me these songs would someday be on a film soundtrack, I would have thought 'That's nuts' - but I also would have dared to hope that something so crazy and wonderful could happen. And now it has! I think it's a fantastic compilation."

The soundtrack also includes original score by composer Anthony DiLorenzo, as well as original songs with lyrics by Young himself. The opening number to the film, "It'll Change Your Life," pays homage melodically to the industrial tunes that are to come, while lyrically providing a whimsical introduction to this secret world. For the film's closing song, "Take That Step," DiLorenzo and Young collaborated with noted industrial composer Hank Beebe, who came out of retirement to co-write and also perform the finale with the rest of the cast. As Whisenant describes, "we had such a blast creating the original songs and score for Bathtubs Over Broadway, especially the big finale number, and being able to capture the magic of the story in this soundtrack is a dream come true for us. Plus, people are going to flip when they hear the full-length versions of the corporate show-tunes from the movie. These songs are addictive!"

The soundtrack features fan-favorite "My Bathroom" from American Standard's plumbing musical "The Bathrooms Are Coming" and early work from Tony-award winning songwriters Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock for Ford Tractor. It also includes two vintage tracks, courtesy of Raleigh Music Group, written by featured industrial composer Michael Brown for Frigidaire and J.C. Penney ("Put Payoff Punch in Your Selling" and "It's a Great Big Beautiful Morning").

Purchase or Stream the Soundtrack Here:


1) Introduction (A. B. Dick Company, 1962) - Original Cast of The Sound of Selling

2) It'll Change Your Life (Original Song) - Bathtubs Over Broadway Orchestra & Session Singers

3) My Insurance Man (Continental Assurance Co., 1968) - Bev Lacek, Jim Andelin, Bob Baron

4) Thank You Comedy Gods (Original Score) - Anthony DiLorenzo, Bathtubs Over Broadway Orchestra

5) Features to Talk About (General Electric Appliances, 1956) - The John Halloran Chorus, Dick Shores and His Orchestra

6) 22 Slices of Bread (Cook Book Bread) - Original Cast of Music to Sell Bread Buy...Cook Book That Is!

7) The Dishwasher and the Disposall (General Electric Appliances, 1956) - The John Halloran Chorus, Dick Shores and His Orchestra

8) There's a New World Opening Up (Xerox, 1971) - Mace Barrett, Original Cast of Take It from Here

9) Put Payoff Punch in Your Selling (Frigidaire, 1963) - Dennis Day & Chorus

10) Hot Promotions (Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Division, 1977) - Original Cast of Sundown

11) Salesman's Sonata (Lipton, 1972) - Original Cast of Lipton on the Move

12) Open That Door (Original Score) - Anthony DiLorenzo, Bathtubs Over Broadway Orchestra

13) Diesel Dazzle (Detroit Diesel, 1966) - Hal Linden, David Hartman, Bill Shirley, Virginia Vestoff, Robert Kaye, Original Cast of Diesel Dazzle

14) More Power to You (Ford Tractor & Implement Division, 1959) - Original Cast of Ford-i-fy Your Future

15) Setting the Pace (Brown-Forman Distillers, 1953) - Original Cast of Brown-Forman Sets the Pace

16) It's a Great Big Beautiful Morning (J.C. Penney, 1960) - Michael Brown, Original Cast of A Birthday Garland for Mr. James Cash Penney

17) Who Else But Whirlpool (Whirlpool Appliances, 1967) - Sandi Freeman

18) Just One (Whirlpool Appliances, 1967) - Sandi Freeman

19) Gould Growing (Gould Inc., 1976) - Original Cast of Gould Groowwing

20) It's Revolution (American-Standard, 1969) - Patt Stanton Gjonola, Sandi Freeman, SuEllen Estey, Dick Gjonola, David Shelley, Steve Strong

21) My Bathroom (American-Standard, 1969) - Patt Stanton Gjonola

22) The Time for Change (American-Standard, 1969) - Patt Stanton Gjonola, Sandi Freeman, SuEllen Estey, Dick Gjonola, David Shelley, Steve Strong

23) Proximatics (American-Standard, 1969) - Patt Stanton Gjonola, Sandi Freeman

24) Couldn't Be Done (American-Standard, 1969) - Patt Stanton Gjonola, Sandi Freeman, SuEllen Estey, Dick Gjonola, David Shelley, Steve Strong

25) I Never Enjoyed My Operation More (American Hospital Supply, 1967) - Mike Arquette, Carol Steffen, Renee Kalen, Alice Dodd, Lee Pelty

26) Silicones, Silicones (General Electric Silicones, 1973) - Original Cast of Got to Investigate Silicones

27) We Love a Salesman (Standard Oil, 1958) - Original Cast of The Big Bonus

28) We Were There (Detroit Diesel, 1966) - Hal Linden, David Hartman, Bill Shirley, Chuck Green

29) Lookin' Up (Original Score) Anthony DiLorenzo, Bathtubs Over Broadway Orchestra

30) Take That Step (Original Song) - Steve Young, Jello Biafra, Don Bolles, Patt Stanton Gjonola, Sandi Freeman, Hank Beebe, Melody Rogers, Peter Shawn, Sport Murphy, Jonathan Ward, Bathtubs Over Broadway Orchestra & Session Singers

31) Farewell Pacemakers (A. B. Dick Company, 1962) - Original Cast of The Sound of Selling

32) The Ballad of Steve Young (Original Song) [Bonus Track] - Steve Young

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