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Asian American Comedian Linda Vu Heads Overseas To Entertain The Troops


Linda Vu will once again head overseas to entertain the troops serving around the world with the Battle Comics Stand Up & Improv Tour for Armed Forces Entertainment

Vietnamese-American comedian Linda Vu will head overseas in August with the Battle Comics Stand Up & Improv Tour to entertain the men and women serving in the United States Armed Forces. The Las Vegas based comedian's material is unique, fresh and is as personal as it is funny. Vu turns tragedy into humor and she doesn't pull any punches on being an immigrant and a woman.

"People who never had Asian food are always afraid I'm going to take them to eat something weird like Tarantula, duck blood or pig intestines. I would never do that. That's stuff's expensive!" Linda joked. "And a delicacy. My family only made that on special occasions... Like when we were out of real food."

After the fall of Saigon, Linda lived in a refugee camp and later immigrated to the United States and was proud to become an American citizen in 1996. "I love this country and all the opportunities it has given me", said Vu in a recent interview. "When the chance came up to do something for the troops, I jumped at it. I'm truly honored to be able to bring a piece of home to the men and women serving our country and let them know how much we appreciate them and care."

Vu currently co-stars in the new sitcom and web series Class Clowns and was the star of the indie film China Dolls. Her body of work includes the Power Abs Workout DVD, The Energy Hour CD and Women's Self Defense DVD. She is currently working on 2 new books Date Mares and Get The Body You Want. Linda is also a fashion and bikini model for Ssuzi Swimwear and recently modeled for Dillard's showcasing Nike, Under Armour and Puma.

Vu has been both entertaining and producing shows for the troops since 2009 hosting the comedy shows and bringing her Women's Self Defense Seminars to each the women in the military Close Quarters Combat and Sexual Assault Prevention. In her off time, she teaches women's self defense at the LV Fitness Academy in Las Vegas.

In between her self-defense instruction and fitness modeling, Linda has been working out her comedy material out around the country and will join The Don Barnhart Battle Comics Stand Up & Improv Tour in August. The tour will visit bases in the Mediterranean with stops in Jordan, Cyprus and Spain. Vu's past tours include England, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Djibouti and Bahrain.

Linda is also a graphic artist and designed the Battle Comics logo and Challenge Coin that they will give out to the troops.

For more information, please visit Linda's website at or

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