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Any Dream Will Do: Two More Gone

On July 18th, a revival of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat - produced by Webber - will open in the West End.  Starring in the musical will be the performer who wins "Any Dream Will Do," a new BBC One reality talent search that began airing on March 31st.  Glenn Meads presents a new series of "Any Dream Will Do" recaps as the show gets closer to filling out its "Dreamcoat" with one lucky triple threat...

The hit BBC show "Any Dream Will Do" has stepped up a gear this week. Anyone familiar with the reality television format will realise that two narrative strands have been followed through. The third live show saw some sign-posted 'surprises.' I always think of these programmes as having familiar story arcs which make them almost fictional.

The first one is: the villian must go - this has manifested itself with the exit of Seamus, the experienced, shaggy-haired oldie. Badly edited and wound up beyond belief by comments from the judges, he finished the show in true 'dark side' style; changing the lyrics of his final song and throwing his coat to the ground like the devil incarnate! 

The second trait of these shows is: the surprise exit- achieved by giving a contestant a completely unsuitable song, watching them flounder, criticising them and watching as the public vote them out. Antony was the unfortunate victim this week. He was given Take That's hit, Patience, to sing and he delivered a poor, out-of-tune version which saw him packing his bags - earlier than expected.

This will send shockwaves to the other 'Josephs' meaning we will have to watch more VT's of them crying next week saying: "I have so much more to give!"

So, who is left and what chance do they stand? 

BEN -proving to be a real dark horse. Not the best voice within the show but he is always sincere and knows how to work a crowd. Also, he has the look to sell tickets. I have seen far worse singers than him tread the boards in the West End. Therefore, he could end up being the 'Helena' of this show - loved by Sir Andrew, like this 'back from the dead' Maria.

CHRIS - good voice and a real entertainer but he is starting to look so desperate that I cannot see the public falling for the tears for much longer. With pearly white teeth that dazzle the crowd, he could always get work in toothpaste commercials if he ends up exiting next week.

CRAIG - has the 'Joseph' look; blonde hair, innocence and strength, BUT he never looks like he wants to win during his performance. His voice lacks the depth required to hit the back of the stalls. He also performs like a cruise ship singer, playing to the crowd, looking into their eyes as he delivers a power ballad, without the oomph required. Likely to go out soon. 

KEITH - a dynamic little performer with youth and a great hard-working attitude on his side. He moves across the stage with real grace and can seem to sing anything. The only disconcerting thing about him is that he seems to smile, whatever he is singing. But he could get near to the final if he continues to impress the judges and shows more emotion.

LEE - odd one, as he clearly has been hand-picked. The audience may not continue to sympathise via his 'understudy' stories. Performance wise, he is polished and can belt the tunes out with panache. But if this 'Joseph' is to be discovered via this show, is it fair that Lee has been plucked from the West End to star in another show in theatreland? Why not just give him the job and not bother with the TV search? 

LEWIS -dead ringer for comedy character Bob Downe, Lewis' look is quite dated and David Beckham-esque. He can sing but there is something uncomfortable about his performance. Like Craig, I find him a bit 'cabaret,' and not really leading man material. He could get close to the finishing line as viewers seem to like him, but I do not think he will win. 

ROB- the 'Andy' from "X Factor," much is being made of the fact that he is a working class lad; a builder. But beyond that USP, does he have that special West End quality? He should get a part in a musical but his rocky voice is much better suited for a show like We Will Rock You than Joseph. He also looks so pleased to be singing that his performances often seem a bit too eager to please.

DANIEL- Connie, but male, this singer has the arrogance and self-belief. He also has lots more experience than we were first led to believe. He could do with being stretched a little as he is making the format seem far too predictable at the moment. He is very talented but I do not see him playing Joseph. Although I said similar about Connie and there she is playing the lead role in The Sound Of Music

One to watch: BEN. 


Next show, Saturday 5th May, 7.45 and 9.45

Visit to view Webber's latest video blog and his thoughts on the "Any Dream Will Do" contestants.

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